Health Minister Litzman resigns over Shabbat train work
Ynet Reporters
Published: 26.11.17, 13:01
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1. What Status Quo
Michael ,   Netanya   (11.26.17)
While I understand Rabbi Litzman's need to resign due to his principles, I have to question his comment about the "status quo." I do not wish to see work accomplished on Shabbat either, however, those who hold that view are bay far in the minority in Israel and within the greater body of Judaism worldwide. It is improper statistical practice to confuse personal convictions with the overall status quo.

I do wish Rabbi Litzman success in his future endeavours.
2. Take the bus, Mr Litzman?
D   (11.26.17)
Take a HIKE, sir.

Your haredim can't afford dental care?
- pull their teeth out. Problem solved

You can't afford to feed your 12 children"
- let them go out and pick berries.

You can't sit next to a woman in a bus?
- walk

That, Mr Louis XIV LItzman, is your disgusting, contempt-filled attitude.

Pack your bags, vacate your office, and go back to the 14th century. And don't let the door hit your butt on the way out.
3. The real issue
Leo ,   Modi'in   (11.26.17)
I am in favor of keeping the Shabbat as the national day of rest and family. I understand that some people, while believing in the good of having a day of rest with family and friends, will want public transportation, work done on Shabbat and stores open and so on. But among these people, what they want for themselves (rest or leisure, family and so on), they apparently do not want for others. For *who* will perform work on Shabbat so that *they* enjoy public transportation, open stores and so on ?
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