Pence: Trump considering when, how to move US embassy to Jerusalem
Itamar Eichner & Reuters
Published: 28.11.17, 22:05
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IKE NIKE ,   SAFED HONESTY   (11.28.17)
2. "give peace a chance".....gumbaya gumbaya
Alan ,   SA   (11.28.17)
Where is MBS and Riyad Ritz when we need him for Pals
3. blablabla
tiki ,   belgium   (11.28.17)
Those Israeli's are so easy to be satisfied.
We don't need to worry about them. A few empty promises, compliments & nice words and they will eat out of your hands and give you what you want..

No, than those "Palestinians" are a different story.
They are the ones we should be worried about. They can really make trouble for us. Did you see how they threatened to break their relations with us and wouldn't accept our $$$ anymore? No these are the people you don't want to get in trouble with.

4. Rather depends of the reason
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.28.17)
If it is to make a political gesture...its a ridiculous and pointless waste of time and money

If it is a practical measure to be nearer to Israeli and Palestinian government offices then one could see some possible advantage

Either way this is NOT of any historic significance as much as either side will want to paint it just to score a few political points

5. tic-toc 1st Dec 2017 is coming!
that is when the Presidential Memorandum signed by POTUS 45 expires...will he let it fall and by default move the embassy? or will he sign a new Presidential Memorandum...stay tuned for upcoming developments! (my money says it ain't moving no where!)
6. This POTUS is unpredictable so....he may...not...or manybe..
7. the odds have never been better
Cameron   (11.29.17)
No other Prez has the audacity & stones to make this kind of ME move.
8. Gee, how swell of him! How about the Balestinian "Embassy"
in the US, you chickenshit!?
Not shutting it down after all, are we?
Didn't take you THAT long to come to a "conclusion"& backtrack?
9. What?!
erin ,   usa   (11.29.17)
Well, I don’t know what to say, because so many people in Israel are happy at Mike Pence’s words, but I’ve seen words spoken by people come and go and the last U.S. administration is not excluded. So I hear a bunch of words, and that is all I hear as they come from a human being. What I don’t get is how does the U.S. think they are going to move any building or group of theirs closer to Jerusalem, which is and will remain holy. I don’t get how a country who can ignore how profane they are towards “God- on- earth”, who is sitting and moving among them all day every day, for over five years now, and they still keep acting like the rest of the world “consents” to their treatment of the very God who made the earth! Do the rest of the people on the planet care that the people in the U.S. are treating the most powerful Presence we can even know as if it was just a god, just a really strong human being, as if it can be ignored and its words can be made “insignificant”? I look at it and become awestruck that God has not struck some of these people who treat Him so common dead, I half expect when I get up in the morning or am walking down the street to see the dead bodies of people here in the U.S who have treated God’s servants Whom He has created, filled with His Presence and sent down to earth to do work for Him as though they are nothing but human flesh. Interestingly, we all are only human flesh- that means nearly nothing. But I see U.S. and British politicians get up and talk into a microphone big words, powerful meaning words as if those words will ever mean anything- will they if God doesn’t make them mean anything? What if Mike Pence makes all those great statements and God decides to strike dead bunches of employees in the U.S. White House including the Vice President? Aren’t we powerless to stop that? Aren’t those words of Mike Pence and Donald Trump empty and meaning nothing after that happens, if it happens? It could, that’s why I bring it up. I think it is fair to tell someone how profane, how perverse they are treating the very One who created them and could kill them if He wanted to and give them a chance to consider their treatment of Him and decide as they choose to decide going forward. I’m not saying anyone has to treat God holy, but I have seen how profane and common and perverse the people of the U.S. have treated God right while He is standing in their midst! and I don’t believe He will let them move a building closer to Him once He puts His servants in Israel- I don’t believe God will let any of those people be anywhere near His holy servants once He moves them to Israel. So how much of a lie is this statement that Mike Pence is making? Honestly, I don’t even like to hear Britain’s words, because God would have made Israel a state even if they hadn’t. So I’m not convinced the hierarchy of Britain that likes to take credit for doing something good even has words that are worth listening to at any time. Maybe the people of Britain, do, but their leaders seems to be so out of touch with the reality like the people in the U.S. and not realize how even their most ‘nice’ statement, ‘nice’ product is severely profane to God who is sitting in their midst. The people in the U.S. and the Britains are “no where near” treating God’s servants, Who are holy, as holy. “No where near” it. Does the rest of the world see that and agree, or does the rest of the world have ulcers worrying if God will strike them ( Britains and Americans) dead and turn around in His fury and strike the people watching around the earth dead for watching and doing the same profane and perverse actions to His servants filled with His Presence while the people in the U.S. did it? (cont'd.)
10. What?! (cont'd.)
erin ,   usa   (11.29.17)
So I’m not saying this to anger Israelis, but most of the rest of the world is treating God as some dumb , wicked false Greek god, or other false god that people boringly drop off a food bit, or worship item at the feet of a carved image of (him) , and walk on about their day. And He has the power to wipe them and all their belongings out in less than a second!! I don’t get it- the pervasive, self- intoxicated stupidity I see going on everyday in the United States. I don’t consider Israelis, nor Jews , as so many people like to call us at this time of year, as devalued as having to say these things publicly, so I am saying it. They, we, shouldn’t have to explain over and over again why or how other people are so profane, so perverse in their treatment of God on earth. He’s not going to wipe us out! We’ve got a safety promise, He’s not going to be harming us and we know it- it’s you He’s mad at. We’re not Jews that were so “unique” that we suffered the Holocaust, we’re people like every other person on the planet who has made a commitment to obey God, and we have been blessed for it. We’re not some small group, we’re not some unusual group- that’s racism. We’re people who have done right for generations, and God chose to have mercy on us and keep us alive and fed. So making us out to be this small, special, easily denigrated group century after century is worthless speak, because it’s not true. We’re people, and genocide is what is causing us to be attacked over and over again, century after century. We are the only group of people, religiously and genetically that people try to wipe out via genocide century after century. No other group on earth has had to go through that for all the years we have had to go through that. Here’s one more thing you don’t know, unless you are a secret intelligence agent, we can all get mad at Vladimir Putin for his crimes against people, human rights’ violations, etc. but have you considered that the last U.S. President, Obama, purposely did actions to create an environment to ‘support’ Vladimir Putin becoming stronger and doing all the actions Vladimir Putin did in the last 8 years? So who’s the worse criminal, Vladimir who killed lots of innocent people in his wrongful behavior or the U.S President who had a lot of power to set up environments/ platforms to which Vladimir’s ways would be successful and grow more influential and powerful as a politician and he would thus become a real “threat” to parts of the world militarily, human rights- wise, and financially? You think you’ve got it all figured out how all these bad things are being done by people all around the world, but just this little piece of evidence that anyone can see if they track back the actions of V. Putin for the last decade is proof to you that you don’t ‘dig’ deep enough to get anywhere near to the truth that is going on. The U.S. had a President that worked for 8 years to support a platform for V. Putin to become ‘worse’ as a world power, and all the while smiled and tromped all over good people with slander and defamatory traps. And how many people has Vladimir Putin participated in having killed worldwide this last decade? So I would like to be supportive of Israel, and not sound bad in front of their enemies so that their enemies don’t think that Israel is weak, and wimpering needing outside help, but I am sure there is a limit to what God will let the U.S. do in Israel in the future given the people of the U.S ‘ treatment of God’s servants that are filled with His power and have been sitting in their midst for five years. I just think Israel deserves better, far better. And I am going to keep speaking up until they get it. It’s bad enough what’s going on over here in the U.S., God’ ll have to handle that as He sees fit, He seems to be far more angry about it than I am, and I wouldn’t want to see anyone robbed of justice here. I’ m sure they certainly want it after all these profane years.
11. construction project manager
Chaim B. ,   jerusalem   (11.29.17)
No .. moving the embassy is not complicated at all.. in fact it already exists... the US Consulate in Jerusalem is already built and underground are all the elements of a much larger complex and the complex is already approved in planning... The additional land is already owned by the US government.. and all Trump has to do is say go ahead.. and the work can go on.. How do i know.. I built the building..
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