Report: Netanyahu asked Mubarak to settle Palestinians in Sinai
Roi Kais
Published: 29.11.17, 20:59
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1. President Al Sisi of Egypt offered the Sinai Peninsula for a
Rivkah   (11.29.17)
Palestinian State. Go for it!!!

2. Arabs are extremely cruel to their own
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.29.17)
3. sinai
joe   (11.29.17)
there is not enough room in judea and samaria and israel for 2 states from either point of view. without space, conflict is inevitable. sinai proposal makes lots of sense as arabs can have lots of space and beautiful seasides.

israel has to push this idea and not meekly accept non starters.

if israel votes lapid gabbay and herzog, it is committing suicide. enough with bad choices. jews have to be armed, civilian jews and not take the international path which onnly leads to death,. and don't count on obama as peres foolishly did, or trump as bibi has done. they would sell you out much as trump has sold out the kurds..

of course the jews could propose to trump that they move to the usa and give the land to hamas for an international trust fund of 20 trillioin dollars.
4. Smart move by Mubarak
A ,   OutThere   (11.30.17)
by not giving a huge source of recruits for Moslem Brotherhood/ Daesh to threaten Egypt.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (12.20.17)
SINAI. Oh! wait! They are already doing that. Sinai practically has no real central government. It has turned to amnother Gaza and guess what israel is not there to be blamed either.
6. Why not try again? Different Leaders are in place now.
Doris Torres ,   NYC   (12.24.17)
This is not a bad idea. They should give it try. There are new leaders in both countries, The USA & Egypt. They should be able to work something out.
The situation cannot continue like this, the conflict between the Israeli & Palestinians has gone on far too long. If there is a way for Egypt to take in the Palestinian People and this stops the fighting, it is a good thing.
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