Packer corroborates Milchan's account on PM gifts
Eli Senyor
Published: 01.12.17, 11:22
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1. Poor billionaires: can't schlep the heavy load alone! How
much is that pink bottle worth??!
2. Packer is a smoker!
Warren ,   Melbourne   (12.01.17)
Packer does smoke!!! He is a chain smoker!!! Ask Mariah Carey!!!
3. once again .....
steve s   (12.01.17)
Once more Ynet News uses Channel 2 News as it's source. Channel 2 was either at the Packer interview or is making up these claims. The police insist they would never leak information about an ongoing investigation, and I doubt Channel 2 was a part of the interview ............ so fiction it is!
4. Bibi must step down from office! He lost the trust of Israel
Merlin   (12.01.17)
Step down Bibi - you're now causing damage to our beloved Israel
5. Not a bribe if nothing illegal was given back by Netanyahu
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.01.17)
6. God Help Israel if the Left ever regains power Oslo 2 suicid
AnythingButTheLeft ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.01.17)
If the dis functional Left ever regains power expect another Oslo Suicide bomber horror and there are enough Idiot Israeli voters to make it happen
so sit on your suitcases.
7. Champagne & Cigars
tiki ,   belgium   (12.01.17)
Doesn't Israeli police have better things to do.
8. Assimilationist Jews have declared war on Judaism
TheRealReason4it ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.01.17)
Just as the Secular Jews of Greek and Roman times couldn't
run fast enough into pagan culture shedding any semblance
of Judaism as they ran so it is today no difference whatsoever
the Secular Israeli has declared war on the traditions of Israel
convinced millions of Israeli Jews to adopt extreme Western
Culture via the Israeli media but they should learn from history
after they succeeded the Romans and the Greeks turned
on them too and the rest is history tragic history don't let it
happen again
9. The Left must never regain power & bring us OsloHorror2
SanityMustPrevail ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.01.17)
The Secular Left aided and abetted by the Leftist dominated
"Israeli" Media is fast at work to destroy the Jewish Homeland
that has always been their goal assimilated Jews who
escaped Europe as no one else would take them in landed
here filled with the same self hate they had there they brought
their illness with them and thanks to the Israeli Left Media
are allowed to infected us all hopefully there will be enough
sane Israelis to see the real agenda and not let them bring
another Oslo Horror to us
10. Israeli Police Brass top heavy with extreme Leftists
LeftistPoliceAgenda ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.01.17)
A quick check of who have been the top dogs in the Israeli
police will soon reveal their political agendas just one
example the spokesperson for the Police a MS Lapidot
was exposed as sending an email to Lapid saying anything
we can do to bring this government down we will do to help
check out who were the Police Chiefs of Jerusalem in the
not so distant past all were Leftists no doubt they infest
it to this day explaining the "leaks" and with the Leftist
Media are the loudest screaming for the leaks to be
able to continue as it is their political agenda to bring
the duly elected government of Netanyahyu down don't
be fooled don't let it happen !!
11. couple in the vinegar jar ... they were unhappy with the jar
epo   (12.01.17)
, with themselves, each other, and everything anyway

but then goldibird came along and they only had to call

"Goldibird in the sunray, goldibird in the diamondroom, goldibird anywhere"
and they could wish whatever they wanted

sure enough they did plenty. since nothing was ever enough.

their last call was made when they were queen and king, but then ...

goldibird was pissed and sent the black bird

12. Don't you dare to touch our Bibi, or else!! We shall take to
streets & burn down the Knesset and police headquarters.
Left shall never see the light of the day.
13. Make No Mistake Worldwide Leftist Media Mafia out for blood
Liberals?NoFascists ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.02.17)
Netanyahu is not their target but the Nationalist Camp of the
Jewish Homeland is their real target home grown self hating
Jews have united with the traditional non Jewish Anti Semites in
their crusade to dismantle the Jewish State its not Netanyahu their
really after its you the Jewish People and your homeland .
Don't let it happen !
14. I feel Bad for Packer, he always gets in trouble even though
Leah ,   New York   (12.12.17)
That he is a very good guy. I really hope that all the accusations are false and the country doesn't roul By corruption.
15. of gifts and givers
Nina ,   tel aviv   (12.30.17)
taking gifts if no political reward is given for them , isn't a crime, Arafat gave the Clintons gifts, jewelry to the sec, of state Albright and no one knows what OBama got for the Iran deal and squashing the Cassandra project,, Milchan is a liar and what is Packer..that I should believe him? With Rockets fallinginto Jewish kindergardens, a grandson and nephew currently in the IDF, I can only hope that the P,M, and spouse enjoyed their champagne and cigars if its all true,,, Spiro Agnew got an oil well.
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