Abbas launches diplomatic campaign to stop Jerusalem recognition
Elior Levy
Published: 02.12.17, 22:29
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Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (12.02.17)
MASTERS OF TERROR need a lesson.Threatening the world does not work any more.They need to negotiate rather than threat on.Terrorists cannot hold the world to ransom.Not when Trump has replaced sympathisers Obama.
2. He should use the ultimate threat: Stop taking US $$$!!!
3. Our US decision to make
Cameron   (12.02.17)
The status of Jerusalem no longer sits in limbo.
4. Canaan/Palestine
Palestinian   (12.03.17)
What was taken by force, can only be restored by force. israel was founded by terrorism & terror gangs of Haghanna, Irgon & leah. Palestinians should have the model of Israelis terror gangs then make peace & love to nice Israelis who have no blood on their hands since the Balfour declaration of November 2, 1917, of which gave Israelis from Russia, Ethiopia or the coverted people of Europe the homes of Palestinians to live in them. It is not over till its over. Israelis of Europe can have all the peace & love but go back to Europe, Russia, Ethiopia etc.
5. At last the USA has come to its senses
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.03.17)
Who cares what these intransigents who are out to stop the Jews from reclaiming their ancestral home think
It is time for this to happen- now or never
6. N/A
Arnold ,   Loma Linda   (12.03.17)
I don't know if this is good overall at this time or not. For our part, the U.S. is moving the process along. If this happens soon, then the U.S., Israel, and the other people involved in the peace process can move to the next level which can include peace negotiations and a bit less of saber rattling and more talking to bring some semblance of peace to this area.
7. Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital
David ,   Bamberg   (12.03.17)
This is the price that Abbas and Hamas have to pay for stealing the development money from their own people and pussy-footing around with the peace talks! Sorry Mr. Abbas, no more talking out of both sides of your mouth!!
Maybe the world is getting sick of your bullshit!!
8. Jerusalem's recognition.
tiki ,   belgium   (12.03.17)
Someone should tell this old fool and his friends in France, Egypt & Qatar that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel and the Jews. It has been for centuries.

Trump will only right the wrong and it's long overdue!
Time for the rest of the world to do the same.

It's time to start talking some truth & facts in this artificial conflict where the likes of Abbas & friends are nothing but a disturbing transmitter who's jamming sessions don't bring anything but agony for the people who have to live under his dictatorial rule.
9. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.03.17)
in the end Trump will be dissuaded from moving US embassy to Jerusalem.
lots of hype,and no action. typical Trump. and then Trump will boast that at least he had the guts to make move. and then things get back to normal. Israel survives.
10. Mahmoud Abbas is truly sickening
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.03.17)
It seems likes these phony wicked people live forever. Abbas is so much part of this Israeli nightmare and it seems the world will never wake up from it. This man is not technically a president of anything and Israel is OK with this sh-t. Hey go figure, ,,,, damn let everybody go figure.
11. Blood of Abbas' victims cries out for justice!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.03.17)
Abbas is the sadistic, satanic figure behind the Munich Massacre and many others. It is obscene for Israel to allow him to roam free and stir up endless trouble against us. Arrest Abbas for mass murder NOW! The blood of his countless victims cries out for justice!
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