Israel's best friends: US celebrity pups visit the Holy Land
Itamar Eichner
Published: 03.12.17, 16:14
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1. ridiculous
mike north ,   karmiel   (12.03.17)
What a complete waste of money.
Indulge your pets by all means but overseas vacations and 5 star chef meals//what a ridiculous you'll be explaining to them the history of the western wall and the apartheid system in the country.......

2. did the visit the PMs dog?
a reader ,   Israel   (12.03.17)
Now now we all know that there is a first dog of the, no, don't be naughty I am not speaking about the PM's wife! I am speaking about the PMs dog!
3. all cabin luggage?
epo   (12.04.17)
4. It's a dogs life
BBB   (01.21.18)
if you're going be a dog, it's best to be a rich mans dog.
5. # 1 Ridiculous?
BBB   (01.21.18)
For my money this sure beats the Orientals eating dogs.
This is but a tax exempt trip for the dogs owners to indulge in a grander lifestyle.
As for walls, China Israel many more did quite well with walls even President Trump was elected on that promise.
Apartheid is alive and strangling white So. Africans.
You're one sick puppy.
6. Noodles, if I may not useful this one is just a plain old
BBB   (01.21.18)
fashioned idiot of no use to any one or anything.
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