State attorney orders police examination of allegations against Danon
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 04.12.17, 22:25
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1. Both sides of government corrupt only one side targeted
2. so at which jail will Likud-iada 2018 take place?
3. One by one they're falling
Disillusioned   (12.05.17)
I feel a song coming on:

Ten green bottles standing on the wall (2)
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall....
There'll be nine green bottles standing on the wall

Etc. The last one being the champagne bottle, and hallelujah, we're done..
4. Police busy watching too much US News
James ,   London   (12.05.17)
5. #1 there is one government, there is one opposition....
CCR ,   Israel   (12.05.17)
therefore your comment reflects serious misinformation on your part.
Your comment reflects such serious misinformation as to be a fake comment. So which is it are you a malicious troll or are you just plain stupid?
6. logic ....
steve s   (12.05.17)
All organizations, including "non-profits", hire employees and pay them salaries. It is not uncommon to expect loyalty to the organization which employs you. It would be counter intuitive to hire those who oppose the organization or are disloyal to it. Is the State Attorney going to investigate hiring and loyalty?
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