'Trump to declare J'lem as Israel's capital, delay embassy move'
Ynet writers and Reuters
Published: 05.12.17, 20:38
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1. Trump: "Are we okay with my lighting this match?"
2. About time. Bravo, President Trump!
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.05.17)
Interesting to see all the Arab leaders squirm about their 'lost rights.' They were never so upset when the Jews lost ALL their rights to the old city in 1948. I guess Jewish rights just aren't as important as Arab rights, is that it, Mr. Abbas? Well, you go have your three Days of Rage, as it anyone cares.

You've had 70 years to make peace with Israel, but your jihadist mentality won't let you, will it? Land conquered by Islam can never revert to what it was, isn't that the crux of the matter? Israel is thorn in the side of the Ummah, even though Islam took the region by force. The Muslims just can't get their heads around the fact that what they once took by force, was taken by them by force, and by Jews, of all people!

Mr. Abbas, Your Highness, welcome to the new reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Period. End of story.

You can have every Arab shopkeeper in Israel and the west bank shut their doors and and act like two-year olds, or you can say, 'ok, that's settled, let's find a way to resolve the easy issues.'

A smart leader would use this opportunity to advance his position since the world is thinking, "ok, Israel got what it wanted, now to give the Palestinians something."

Will Abbas blow it? Will he advance the peace process or will he just call for the 17th intifada? My bet is that he'll waste this opportunity, as he has done every other time in the past.
3. Trumps an idiot.
SHEIK RATTLE & ROLL ,   USA   (12.05.17)
This is the most foolish decision by any sitting US President. This will make obtaining a peace agreement almost impossible. The US will be marginalized in the region. All the backdoor leverage that the US had with the Arabs in regards to Israel will be thrown out the window. The Arab governments will have a tough sell to there people on why they should accept the US as an honest broker of peace in the middle east.
4. do not depend on trump
maury   (12.05.17)
trump cares about his pocket book, kids and ego. the rest including israel is irrelevant. so he announces jerusalme as capital but delays the move. this is called sugar coating. the embassy won't be moved. trump has nothing with israel and jews. the most he has is new york business people and his son in law.

so israel should not be fooled.

israel has to hold its ground golan etc wiht power. that is what speaks volumes, more than empty declarations.
5. Wait for the other shoe to drop, Trump 1967 borders
Steve Benassi   (12.06.17)
6. Everyone knows Jerusalem is the capital of Israel
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.06.17)
Thanks to Trump it is now international law
7. Typical Trump.
Roger ,   Vancouver   (12.06.17)
Will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's, but will not move embassy as promised.
In his little psyco mind he thinks he is putting more pressure on Palestine to
come to a bad deal within the next 6 months, or the move will be made next
time round. Good luck with that.
8. To Likud
Chuck ,   SF   (12.06.17)
So how’s your support for this lying snake working out for you?
9. Poor Donald, I can only imagine the cacophony surrounding
him at the moment. It would take a Churchill-like statesman to make one bold move and cut the knot that's called "american policy in the ME", namely BOTH declare Jerusalem (DUH!) as our Capital AND announce the embassy move.
The physical relocation could take place in two years time for all we care....!
10. Sick Leftist Israeli Media sad & angry over recognition
DeadJewishSouls ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.06.17)
To see the faces of 90% of the Leftist Dominated Israeli Media today
you would see no smiles no happiness no rejoicing at the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel instead you would have seen
long sad and angry faces frightening warnings from these insecure "Jews by accident of birth " How is this tiny minority able to dominate our tv screens and radio stations infecting our youth with their insecurities and self hate ? If they ever had Jewish Souls they are long dead , I believe
Tel Aviv where most live is a graveyard where Jewish Souls go to die.
11. LMAO, there will be no embassy move, I'm "just saying",,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.06.17)
He is just "saying" with his mouth I am moving the embassy. This vain spawn of Gog, I bet he says I am moving it as oppose to we are moving it. This proves what has always been known,,,,, Jews are some stupid bastards(no pun).
12. facts .......
steve s   (12.06.17)
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. That is determined by them and needs no recognition by outsiders. For the Muslim world to whip itself into a frenzy over their denial of this, and an official acceptance by the US, makes little sense. This is theatre of the absurd.
13. Jerusalem
David ,   Lomita   (12.07.17)
Great news !
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