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House passes legislation to restrict US aid to Palestinians
Associated Press
Published: 06.12.17, 09:29
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1. straight up
Cameron   (12.06.17)
The Trump years keepin' it real.
2. So it takes foreigners to keep us on track?!
3. Hallelujah !!!
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.06.17)
4. "Fine by me so long as I don't have to pay."
A ,   OutThere   (12.06.17)
Don't worry, Porky, no one is going to touch your donut allowance. The EU and UN hate Israel no less than you do and will gladly continue to support the imaginary "palestinians" without you. Besides, your money is better invested in handouts annually to Egypt and Jordan and for keeping tens of thousands of US troops stationed uselessly in Europe, Japan and S. Korea.
5. US taxpayer money
zionist forever   (12.06.17)
Whilst Israel gets military aid that money gets spent on American weapons so its a subsidy to the US arms companies and there are laws that in return Israel must spend the majority of its own money on US equipment the aid cannot be used and Israel's own money being used to buy European weapons so the US taxpayers do not really loose out also some of that money comes back to the government by taxing the profits made by the arms companies.

The US taxpayers get nothing out of the cash handouts given to the Pals.
6. PA "French Resistance" against invading JewNazis legitimate
7. America wasn't always an ally of Israel
BUILD BABY BULD !!   (12.07.17)
In fact, quite the opposite Israel bought 7 used planes from Belgium

and had American pilots who volunteered

to pilot them and this was forbidden by American policy.

Only after David ben -Gurion pronounced Israel a nation did America come

onboard when President Truman recognized Israel.
8. No ore blood money to the arabs
BBB   (12.07.17)
Thank G-d!!!!!!
9. Send all the Arab 'pals' back to Arabia.
BBB   (12.07.17)
Or, send them to hell I could care less.
10. Send all Americans and Jews where they belong
Annairam ,   London   (12.08.17)
send them to the USA, Europe, Russia wherever they came from.
Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and not to warmongering and landgrabbing immigrants!!
11. BRAVO Mr. President !!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.08.17)
best promise kept so far.

G-d Bless Israel and America !!!
12. Better yet they'll remain and you'll still be blathering on
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.08.17)
Nice to see you so upset oh camel herder

p.s still have e that pet goat you pals are famous for abusing?
13. There IS no palestine
BUIDL BABY BUILD !!   (12.08.17)
and now, it's official.

And, no more blood money taken from Israel's ally, America to support terror.
14. No now we don't fund both sides.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.08.17)
We Americans finally have cut off the Arab pals Murder Inc. payments for terror.
I can guarantee America gets the better of the bargain by allying herself to Israel.

Maybe you can volunteer at the Mexican border and shoo away the illegals entering Texas?

You act like a fool.
15. # 10 enjoy those bowing to Mecca idiots in Londonstan.
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