Abbas and Haniyeh close ranks on Trump declaration
Liad Osmo and Yoav Zitun
Published: 06.12.17, 16:01
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1. The only thing uniting Arabs: hate for the Jews.
2. Israel to gather ISIS from hospitals, send to Hyena, Abuass
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.06.17)
3. Islam's and Europe's obsession with hating Jews and Israel
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (12.06.17)
“The decision that has been taken is aggression against Palestinians, Muslims and every free man in the world,” Haniyeh told the Al Jazeera news channel after a telephone conversation with Abbas.

Answer: There is no "Palestinian" people - they are Arab speaking Moslems who are of Persian, Kurdish, Turkish, Afghan, Egyptian, Sudanese, Somalian, Black African, German, Italian, Greek, Bosnian and Albanian descent, who chiefly and mainy, migrated to Israel/Turkish Province of Syria/British Mandate of Palestine between the 1880s and the 1940s. Hardly ancient history. The "Palestinians" do not speak a "Palestinian" language, they do not use any "Palestinian" alphabet, adhere to any "Palestinian" religion and they are indistinguishable from the rest of the Arab world ethnically, racially, culturally, religiously, historically and linguistically speaking.

Moslems are a foreign empire and a foreign religion on our Jewish soil. The Jewish nation was born roughly 2000 BCE in Israel while the Arab nation was born in the 7th AD (2600 years LATER) in the southwestern corner of the Arabian peninsula, roughly 1000 kilometers southeast of Israel.

Just like the British and the European empires can't claim Black Africa and India from the Black and Indian natives, and just like Nazi Germany can't claim Poland, Russia and Europe, by the same token, Arabs, Moslems, Christians and non-Jews CANNOT claim Israel and Jerusalem from the Jewish natives.

"Our Palestinian people," he added, "will have a suitable response. As a people, we cannot accept this American pattern."

Answer: there is NO such thing as "Palestinians". They are Arab speaking Moslems, and neither Arabs nor Moslems are natives of Israel. The suitable response would be to expel you from our Jewish homeland.

“We are warning against the decision. No one can predict the things that will develop as a result of it, not only with the Palestinians but also in the entire region. There won’t be a State of Israel on Palestinian soil. Jerusalem will be the capital of the State of Palestine,” Haniyeh said on the Qatari station.

Answer: You are right. There won't be any State of Israel on Palestinian soil for two (2) reasons: 1) The soil is JEWISH/ISRAELI - not "Palestinian" or Arab, and 2) THERE ALREADY IS A STATE OF ISRAEL - ON JEWISH/ISRAELI SOIL.

But, there will not be any "State of Palestine" on JEWISH/ISRAELI soil. We Jews won't allow it. Forget about it. You Arabs already control 80% of our Jewish homeland - meaning Jordan, you already have 22 Arab states and your origins is on the Arabian peninsula.

“The American president is undermining international stability,” said the leader of the German Social Democratic Party, Martin Schulz, who is currently engaged in negotiations to enter Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government.

Answer: No Mr Schulz. What's undermining international stability is Islamic hatred, intolerance, racism, and violence against Jews, Israel, Europe, USA, the West, and against the free world.

Another country recognizing the Jewish people's right to Israel and their right to be free and independent and recognizing that Jerusalem is ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY the capital of the Jewish people - and has been for 3000 years - IS NOT a "violation" of international stability. It's a CONSOLIDATION of international stability by marking AGAINST anti-Semitism, racism and racist discriminatory double standards applied against Israel. And giving in to Islamic and Arab pressure will NOT strengthen but weaken international peace and stability.

Both Moslems and Europeans are obsessed with hating Jews and Israel and both Moslems and Europeans have a twisted distorted upside down perception of reality.
4. Arrest them and try them for inciting violence!
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (12.06.17)
5. Time to Teach these Idiots a Lesson
Moshe ,   Givataim   (12.06.17)
Enough of this Hamas aggressions and this stupid speeches...A bunch of terrorists that should get treated like this...
6. Five pillars of Islam all on display
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.06.17)
Here we have it all.

Arrogant, elitist Islamic tyrants mendaciously backing up their covetousness with threats of violence.

Arrogance, elitism, mendacity,covetousness,violence.


7. Schultz and international stability
Disillusioned   (12.07.17)
He speaks of undermining international stability? What undermines that more? The only thing that has constantly undermined the world's stability has been Arab greed, be it through their oil monopoly, or their invasion of Europe; an invasion that has led to thousands of rapes, endless violence in every country they've settled in, destabilizing the west by the growing, manfucture and export of hard drugs, hijackings, suicide bombings and intimidation of non Muslims everywhere.

Germany leads the pack when it comes to world wars, the latest of which is its dominant role in a superpower state of Europe, which to date is an unelected, authoritarian and grossly corrupt body.

Mr Schultz needs to that his opinions stand worthless and hypocritical against the backdrop of Germany's past - and present - wreckage of his own continent.
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