Thousands of Palestinians protest US Jerusalem move
Hassan Shaalan, Liad Osmo, Yoav Zitun, Roi Kais
Published: 07.12.17, 17:15
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1. express yourself......
steve s   (12.07.17)
Protests, injuries, rock throwing, fire bombs, killings, destruction of property, etc ............... this is how Arab Muslims express themselves. It is an example of how barbaric they are, their true colors.
2. Good let the world be reminded of how violent they are
ThisTooWillPass ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.07.17)
and what awaits Europe one day from the same violent and primitive
society now flooding their shores
3. Couldnt be much worse than Israeli Leftis Media last night
MediaTheEnemyWithin ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.07.17)
Anyone watching the three major Israeli Leftist Channels last night
felt the news presenters and others there vacillated between crying and banging their heads against the wall and themselves burning pictures of President Trump and rime Minister Netanyahu or throwing their microphones at the cameras ( i.e. at the people of Israel ) who were rejoicing. What normal country does not allow for at least one just one
pro Israel pro Zionist channel and who is to blame for it not having one ? Best would be to boycott these channels as your viewing them supports them and their hate of the nation turn em off !! Boycott those that
sponsor them yes a reverse BDS !!
4. What is different?
Lucifer69   (12.07.17)
When I listen to the remarks of May or Merkel, among so many other “leaders”, I have a few thoughts concerning not only their stance, but also their intent. Are they saying that in not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, then in fact, that Israel has no right to have a capital or even to exist?
When they send their top diplomats or ambassadors to Israel, where are they received? I would think that it would be the same place where they send their diplomats… to your capital.
For almost 70 years, Jerusalem, has been in fact the seat of Israel’s government. Maybe you are too dense to recognise that. Never let common sense take the place of political expediency, especially when you can avoid making a decision that although “correct”, makes you feel “uncomfortable”!
As for the coming Days of Rage, or other nonsense that many middle east countries will say is coming, what is different? Many of these same nations have been financing terrorism for decades.
5. I know you light skinned Arab Pals are sorry now,,,,,,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.07.17)
you let them white Amero-Euro "Fake Jew" crackers in your country. And yes Trump is a "stupid" German white cracker. This is basically a Crussader war.
6. Money for palestinians
kenny ,   cleveland   (12.07.17)
stop all payments to Arab nations calling for violence, how much money are the protesters being paid ?
7. One million Muslims expelled in Burma. Israel do them same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.07.17)
8. Anger? really?
Donn ,   Caldwell, NJ   (12.07.17)
I am visiting Israel and I see Arabs mixing casually with Jews shopping and dining in restaurants and enjoying their lives as professionals and business owners. Ask any of them who they prefer running the show and by and large you get "Israel" as their answer. All this "anger" has nothing to do with Israel but their own inner angst. Like a guy blowing up at the gym when someone touches his water bottle..geeez, what must be going on is his life? Same thing here!
9. if it makes them happy let them be
zionist forever   (12.07.17)
They are burning tires and pictures of Trump in Ramallah not making problems for Israel so let them have their fun. I imagine that the Israeli leftists will have their fun Saturday night in Kikar Rabin with the usual Tel Aviv Saturday night leftist protest.
10. Now is the time to let evil, fictional "Palestine" fall
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.07.17)
As the old saying goes, better late than never. For decades, Israel has insanely nurtured the hostile, evil and fictional entity of "Palestine". Israel props it up with a constant flow of food, money, electricity, materials, work permits, protection etc., while it maims and murders Israelis, and attacks Israel in every humanly possible way. Now is the time to remove all insane Israeli support for "Palestine" and let the abomination fall.
11. Why is main instigator Abuass allowed to travel to Jordan?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.07.17)
12. Instigator terrorist Abuass should not be allowed back
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.07.17)
13. Notice how accomplice Bertram hides after assassination plot
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.07.17)
14. Gaza wake up!
Chaim Yankel ,   Toronto   (12.07.17)
Gaza, you could be the next Singapore working with the Israelis. Instead, you choose to live in filth and dependent on charity from those you despise. The world is willing to give you tax breaks not given ever before. Instead, you chose filth and poverty. Your ancestors cry as you chose to disregard their accomplishments. You have decided to disappear into the realms of history, like the great Egyptian builders and all of ancient civilization. Gaza, you will soon be dust in the annals of history.
15. let them get it out of their system
Joe ,   USA   (12.07.17)
Arabs in terror-tories GDP per capita in dollars is 2000. Israel's GDP per capita in dollars is 37400. This is why Israelis are happy productive people and Arabs in the terror-tories have time on their hands to do the sick bidding of their failed leader Abbas, and Gaza terrorist dictators of Hamas, etc. Peace? Welfare queens as a terrorist society. Days of rage. Every day of their existence.
16. In other words
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (12.07.17)
It's Thursday
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