Man draped in Palestinian flag smashes Jewish restaurant windows in Dutch capital
Published: 07.12.17, 18:37
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1. Dutch "policemen" hoped he'd do more damage,how disappointed
ab   (12.07.17)
they must be !
2. Yad Vahem film shows Amsterdam people looting Jews apt
Europe'sDarkSoul ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.08.17)
Yad Vashem Holocaust Shrine shows a Jewish family being taken
from their apartment and loaded into a police van taking them
to the hold over camp and then sent on to their death only seconds
after the van leaves the scene the Jewish family's Dutch neighbors
are seen running into the building to loot the family's possessions.
80% of Hollands Jews were murdered with the help of the local
Dutch the highest percentage of Jews murdered in any European nation even higher than that of Anti Semitic Poland !! So don't be surprised at the police inaction . The most virulent anti Semitic Church in Europe is
the Dutch Reformed Church along with Luther's Church in todays
Germany. Europe's Dark Soul is very much alive. Blaming the
Anti Semitic Moslems of Europe is only half the story....
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