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Jewish cemetery in Poland turned into parking lot
Associated Press
Published: 07.12.17, 23:16
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1. Why the surprise?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.08.17)
They didn't have any respect for living Jews, so why for the dead.

If they would have been a little respectful they could have taken the remains have them send to Israel for burial and than build their precious parking lot.
2. This is unusual in Europe. Normally, remains are put into ca
Rivkah   (12.08.17)
catacombs under cities. Paris and other cities of Europe have many levels of catacombs where bones are stored for the resurrection. A cemetery plot in Europe is for ten years and then the family must pay again for the plot or the bones are exhumed and put into catacombs beneath cities. Burning bones (cremation) is something the heathen do. Tell me one person haShem loves in Scriptures who was burned to ashes by relatives. There are none. That is something the heathen do. Moab ceased to be a nation because they cremated kings.
3. It's a hereditary thing....
4. There are good Poles too we must remember this too
EuropesNakedDarkSoul   (12.08.17)
There are many Poles documenting and preserving Jewish
sites across Poland as well yes Poland is still Anti Semitic
but lets recognize those Poles who are not and who may
even do so at a peril to their lives.
5. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.08.17)
from one parking lot to another kind of parking lot. did they at least have the decency to erect a monument to those who resided there before? probably not.
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