Histadrut threatens major strike to protest Teva cuts
Tzahi Sadeh
Published: 14.12.17, 10:17
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1. Lousy pseudo-"socialists": what is the connection? Even so,
you prefer total collapse of the Company?
Robert ,   Israel   (12.14.17)
If Histadrut makes the whole country stop, they deserve to be sued by all the affected ones. It is desperation of not knowing how to handle things properly that makes them take such suicidal measures. They only get enemies among israelis who need to go to work in order to feed their families. Don't make stupid things !!!
3. Israel needs Margret Thatcher
zionist forever   (12.14.17)
Teva is a provate compny and they loosing money so they are having to male ass layoffs, very sad but there is no justification for a strike and certainly not a general strike that involves banks, medical centres, the airport and all the other institutions that are going to close because Teva is having to lay off workers.

In the 80s Margret Thatcher smashed the power or the all powerful British unions and now we need to smash the power of the Histadrut who have the power to bring the entire country to a standstill and disrupt the lives of millions for no justifiable reason.

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