Likud: Prop guillotine at Tel Aviv rally is incitement to murder
Published: 24.12.17, 09:50
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1. if there wasnt the law he constantly tries to attack, he wou
epo   (12.24.17)
ld have been in the cigar cutter for long already...
2. Our leaders need to get a life
Disillusioned   (12.24.17)
Much as I respect Mr Rivlin, he is following an altogether too familiar pattern of hysteria over nothing. ONE person carried a cardboard guillotine as a satirical statement on where the rot of corruption and misrule led a nation, and it's turned into national hysteria.

We've been living too long with this intolerance and inability to accept that protest takes many forms. Every year a guy is burned in the UK to commemorate a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Sometimes protesteors dress they guy in the guise of a parliamentarian and nobody considers it an actual death threat or incitement to one. It is PROTEST.

This is getting to be a form of snowflake hypersensitivity towards satire and even humor.; perhaps black humor, but with no accompanying words, no specific people targeted, it is NOT incitement to kill and certainly nothing of the kind of incitement led by this prime minister who knows that he uses words that to some segments of the population are incendiary and result in violence.

3. Left wing often openly call for assassination of opponents
4. All jokes aside, there is no silent majority.
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.24.17)
Men like Netanyahu to Trump to Assad and many others, these men shouldn't be in power in this dimension of time, even in the absence of truth. " There is no silent Majority".
5. A lot of people on this site need a trip to the mirror
Lorraine   (12.24.17)
So many of the commentators here seem to have forgotten the disgusting symbols of death employed at Right-wing/Religious rallies--especially those leveled against Rabin (including putting the latter under a "death curse"--"pulsa dinora"--in the days leading up to his assassination). And what about all the vile labels regularly hurled at Left-wing political opponents by people on the Right-wing/Religious side of Israeli politics ("kapos", "Nazis", "traitors", "sick")? Didn't history happen? A lot of people on this site need an urgent trip to the mirror.
6. A symbol of a corupt system not a person
Dan ,   Kfar Saba   (12.24.17)
If the right claims the guillotine is a call to murder a PERSON they are mistaken unless the name of the person or their photo is on the model. But the Right continuing claims that it represents only the PM, will boomerang.

The guillotine represents a system that permits Presidents, Prime Ministers , mayors, MKs, ministers et al to be elected and then occupy the prisons. The system is rotting, not the people running the system.

At least the President that sat in prison was not corrupt, he is only a felon.
7. traditional piece to execute ppl by the law
epo   (12.24.17)
yyawwwn... in france, its a symbol for the rebellion...

NOT MURDER - with this, you can see that UGLY BN-government...

THEY want a victim - they want to murder you all the time already... now, they see the chance...
8. The leftists are filth
Phoenix   (12.24.17)
The worse kind of parasite that could exist in this country or any other are the filthy leftists!
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