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Lorde backs out of Israeli performance
Ami Friedman
Published: 24.12.17, 19:26
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1. One Day
Jake ,   Dallas   (12.24.17)
Lorde will be forgotten and washed up. That’s a fact. It happens to o them all. Does anyone under the age of 35 or even 40 remember Michael Jackson and she is no Michael Jackson. And on that day, when she is a nobody, remember to send her a card, saying you were too good to play in Israel and now you’re not good enough to play a second rate lounge in Las Vegas. But Israel is doing better than ever. Just wait it out. It may take ten years but it will happen as surely as Day follows night.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (12.24.17)
Be nice to people when you are on the way up because you are sure to meet these same people on your way down.......
5. Lorde Fuck you for joining modern Nazi boycott of Jews
6. Lorde may you be cursed for standing with evil/terror
7. Another Westerner virtue signalling -supporting antisemitism
8. All is not lost,,,,
Julius   (12.24.17)
at least the black negro lil Wayne performed there August past. How was that show? A year ago that very month of August 2016 a monkey escaped from an Israeli zoo,,,, a year later same month,,,,. Lil Wayne. All is never lost,,, in the "state" of Israel,,, just weired.
9. Thank you!
William Miller ,   Jerusalem   (12.24.17)
This is the right way to stand up to Israeli oppression and apartheid. Beautiful clarity of mind!
10. Living in the land stolen by pox-ridden Limeyes from Maori..
ab   (12.24.17)
11. Simply an insignificant punk.
Stephen Greenberg ,   New York   (12.24.17)
Never heard of her.
12. Boycott the misinformed little child
ik ,   USA   (12.24.17)
I expect her newest AMERICAN BILLBOARD rating to be ZERO.
13. Not a real musician. Needs a mind of her own.
DOV ,   USA   (12.24.17)
14. Lorde, no worries. Perhaps another time.
Israela ,   Israel   (12.24.17)
Actually I do think it is a pity that instead of coming out to Israel and seeing for yourself you allowed others to influence you. You allowed them to influence you to the point that you will not be coming at all. Very sad indeed.

Quite candidly Lorde, I don't know you or your music but I do know Aotearoa/New Zealand. Truth be told I went there to learn about the relationship between the Maori and the European descended New Zealanders. This was after I had read the book "The Bone People"
I went to Aotearoa/New Zealand because I wanted to understand the history of the place and the people. I wish you had considered the same and come out and learned about us, all of us - Israelis and Palestinians, all of the peoples who live here - Jewish people, Muslim people and Christian people.

Anyway, I wish you the best and may-be one day we'll even meet...
in the mean time I wish you ever success. :)
15. Who is she ????????
John Smith ,   London   (12.25.17)
Never heard of her so no loss!!
16. losers & small potatoes
tiki ,   belgium   (12.25.17)
Caving in to other losers & small potatoes!
Who cares!
17. Hard also to stop a tsunami......
Geoff ,   Tel aviv   (12.25.17)
Dear girl,as a 74 year old musician,who does not know your music,I am still sorry that you are not coming to Israel to entertain those who do.
Most of the above comments are stupid and childish so please excuse them.
But I fear you have been wrongly influenced and advised by thos whose only purpose is to spread lies and misinformation about our tiny country.
The Jewish people were in this land thousands of years ago.The Muslims only started Islam in 8thcentury ad.In 1947 a small piece of land was partitioned by the British into Arab And Jewish.The Jews agreed but the Arabs did not.They wanted it all.They attacked the fledgling country.In 1948 The Jews declared their country Israel and again were attacked by all surrounding states,but were defeated by Israel and the grace of God.
In1967 Jordan Egypt and Syria attacked.After a six day war,Israel captured
East Jerusalem and reunited the city.They also “won” the West Bank
Jordan had destroyed synagogues cemeteries and other Jewish sites.Now there is complete freedom of all faiths to practice them in Jerusalem.With one exception.The Temple Mount is where the Jews had built their two temples thousands of years ago.They now pray to the remaining wall at this site.But if they try to walk on the Temple Mount where a mosque was built many years after,they can be arrested just for moving their lips in case they might be PRAYING!
The West Bank was never a Palestinian State.It was part of Jordan.The Arabs are therefore Jordanian plus other immigrants from Egypt.Yasser Arafat was Egyptian.They have been kept by the leaders and UN as “refugees” in order to harm Israel.UNWRA has 30,000 people supposedly helping them .Their livleyhood thus depends on keeping them in this state.
The leaders were given billions which have either been kept,or used for weapons against Israel.
But it was never used to help them.
The leaders were offered land for a state in exchange for recognising Israel and peace,several times,but just walked away.They do not want a state or peace.They simply want to eliminate Israel.
I understand that you do not wish to be caught up in this,so it is far easier for you to not visit,in order to make your other gigs less complicated.However I am unable to write more at this moment,so I suggest that rather than believe antiIsrael or anti Semitic lies,you read up the true situation NOT from people with an agenda to hate and destroy,but from reputable sources.
Israel is not Apartheid.We have over 20% Arab population,with Arabs in parliament,as high court judges,in medicine and all walks of life.
The Arab kids not in Israel are shown to hate,kill Arab ,become suicide bombers,told that it is good to be a martyr,that they will each receive 72 virgins in heaven etc etc.The leaders pay huge sums of money to their families to “encourage” them to encourage their children.
I wish you well in your future career.Maybe speak with other performers who came ,for their insights on the matter.
18. No excuse to boycott the only Jewish nation in the world
19. Roger Water needs lead pill therapy.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.26.17)
20. Justine Sachs the self hating Jew is the real problem
BanSachsFromIsrael ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.27.17)
and her punishment should be that she will never ever be allowed
to step foot in the Jewish Homeland to see its beauty or
astonishing accomplishments this should be her punishment and
to be put on the "Jewish Self Hater Anti Semitic Racist Watch List"
She should be considered "Mukza" untouchable by all Jewish
Communities around the world .New Zealand as lovely as it is
is located at the end of the world surrounded by nothing and that just where Justine Sachs deserves to be may she end up friendless in a rented room in a basement frothing at the mouth with racist self hate. Justine Sachs just
"excommunicated herself from the Jewish People and good
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