Israel gave tiny island nation sewage treatment plant for support at UN
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.12.17, 14:38
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1. Should have sent Sewerage Plant to UN in NY to detoxify
Alan   (12.28.17)
all the B S that they churn out daily.
2. Unlike Arabs promising poor Nations $$$ and never delivering
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.28.17)
3. Nauru should get a 2nd opinion -sounds like a fake deal
brian cohen ,   judean peoples front   (12.28.17)
A sewage treatment plant for $65,000? If that's the price, then it sounds like somebody is faking facts here. Israel has a reputation for being lousy at sewage treatment (the Germans built the treatment plant in nahal soreq where there used to be a RIVER of untreated sewage flowing out of Jerusalem. Yes, a RIVER of sewage.)
Don't believe the crap (pun intended) you read. Israel is terrible at water management. No, we did not solve the water problem, we've only made it worse by building multi-billion dollar fossil-fuel desalination plants. A few people are getting very rich while the Kinneret and the Dead Sea continue to be irreperably damaged, along with the coastal aquifiers.
And who ever heard of a sewage treament plant costing only 250000 shekels? What's it made of, toilet paper?
The people of Nauru should question who is building this, what are the specifications, what is it supposed to do, and who do they sue if it fails?
4. the PM is doing what he does best Bribe much? yes everyday!
5. there are 3rd world countries, you creating a 4th world now
epo   (12.28.17)
your PM is a destroyer
6. Nauru's been had! they gave up their vote 4 chump change!
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