5 members of Hamas terror cell arrested in West Bank
Yoav Zitun
Published: 01.01.18, 14:31
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1. lapid just like olmert
harry   (01.01.18)
lapid is following olmert in his policies vis a vis judea and samaria. olmert was to give most of west bank , east jerusalem, parts of israel proper and a link from gaza across israel to west bank and then a symbolic right of return in other words. olmert who knew next to nothing about war and fighting, has a student in lapid who in the gaza war showed he k nows nothing. lapid is an arrogant overconfident ignoramus camouflaged by his journalistic past. now he attacked likud rightfully, yes rightfully claiming judea and samaria which is legally and historically more Israeli than any one else.

lapid basically is another version of herzog and meretz. he understands little about defensible borders, and like olmert, believes he can drag Palestinians to a more modern relationship. it won't happen folks, no way no how.what you will get is more terror and endless haggling that will drive you insane.

Israelis who vote for lapid are damn stupid. you give up land, they will attack you more and more.
2. Why not ?!
yosef ,   Coral Springs   (01.01.18)
Why not execute this Scum of the Earth NOW ?! Because our cowardly "leadership" just loves to play "holier than thou", politically correct games.
3. He should beheaded.
BBB   (01.01.18)
and his head rolled down the street like a bowling ball.
4. Oh dear-Arar-So another Shalit swap"Alumnus"is back in news.
Alan   (01.01.18)
A few of us "regulars" begged in these posts that the Shalit deal NOT go ahead.The Shin Bet and IDF told us not to worry So how many deaths and misery has been caused.
N ow we are asked to swap more killers in xchange for what?
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