Deri: I checked whether MK Glick can vote during shiva
Moran Azulay
Published: 02.01.18, 15:25
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1. If Rabbi Yehuda Glick has surgical adhesions pain from his
Rivkah   (01.02.18)
wound from the Temple Mount attack, there is a way to reduce and rid oneself of the pain non-surgically. Put a low current electricity pulsator pack sometimes called a six-pack pulsator over the area of the pain from adhesions for 30 minutes twice a day for six months. That will dissolve the adhesions. For females, a prescription from a doctor for an intravaginal electrical pulsating device from Utah Medical is available. The low current electricity slowly dissolves surgical adhesions without more surgery to remove them that causes more adhesions in a vicious cycle. Dr. Julian Whitaker spoke about this in the 1990's in his medical newsletter. It works. I tried it after 10 years of adhesions pain from a botched abdominal surgery at the Women's Clinic at Corpus Christi, Texas. I think someone poured or spilled suture glue into my abdomen during surgery.
2. MK Deri is Incredibly insensitive!
Katanga   (01.02.18)
This bill is NOT a national emergency bill...therefore there is no reason to trouble MK Glick in his time of great sadness.
Shame on you MK Deri!
3. Disgust
Danielle   (01.02.18)
What can I say - a god damn ex con is ruining my love for this country and this is what the government is made of....low life corrupt criminal pigs. Im outta here. Ill see it rot from afar.
4. Deri
ella ,   paris   (01.02.18)
חלאט המין האנושי זה אתה לו יעזור לכה המדינה לו רק שיכת לך לו יעזור לך רק תעשה שהעם ישנה את הדת
5. Stop Deri's tricks once and for all. Replace with a Secular.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.02.18)
6. beyond belief
disgusted   (01.02.18)
The whole concept of "vote offsetting is ludicrous at best, but with this Deri has stooped to a new low - the unbelievable chutzpah and heartless behavior of asking someone who has just buried his wife to come and vote - it doesn't get much lower than that.
7. Oh boy
ed   (01.02.18)
You are, literally, insane.
8. Financial Analyst
barry ,   Tel Aviv   (01.02.18)
Where is your compassion
Where is your humanity

You want to interfere with a mans mourning to pass a bit to protect shabbat.
Forget whether or not it is acceptable.. It is not acceptable for you to think that within hours of a man's wife passing that you could think this.

Mourning a loss within the next few hours has little to do with religion, and more to do with his heart and his love and his compassion

Where the hell is yours MK Deri.. You should be run out of office

You need to find religion and learn what it is all about.. And you want laws to protect shabbat. Israel needs laws to protect against people like you
9. Disgraceful Conduct by Shas Leader in the Knesset
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Hefer   (01.03.18)
This is unheard of in the parliament of civilized countries. Fancy even calling an MK who is in mourning (sitting Shiva) to come and vote in the Knesset for a divisive, controversial bill in order for the Likud to defeat those opposed to it, is a disgrace and wreaks of religious hypocrisy at its lowest level! The voting on this disgraceful bill could be postponed in any case as it is not a national emergency.
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