Netanyahu to Putin: 'We must take strong, timely stand against murderous ideologies'
Itamar Eichner and Moran Azulay
Published: 29.01.18, 16:10
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1. Gog and Magog,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (01.29.18)
is very much a reality and we, the world are in the countdown phase of it's existence. The "state" of Israel, the United States and Russia is the wounded Beast of Revelation 13:3.
2. Putin hates murderous Islam no less than civilized humanity
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.29.18)
3. Israel is alone
Rami ,   Helsinki   (01.29.18)
Bibi putting too much faith on Trump and Putin. 80 percent of American Jews vote anti-Israel democrats and Russian Jews are preasured by government to support its policy. Bibi should focus more on India and other people who know what islamic jihad is all about.
4. Always remembering great sacrifices of Red Army in WW2
Alan   (01.29.18)
and magnificent victory over Nazi Jew hating hordes Also the great role played by Jewish soldiers in Red Army up to few hundred Jewish Generals in that military.. I believe Pres Putin is a good friend of Jews .But also remember he works for Russian Federation and not Zionist Federation.
5. Don't bet the farm
Stanley Cohen   (01.29.18)
Bibi is correct giving the 1-2 to Putin. Yet wouldn't rely on that sly fox to engage in a progressive stance àgainst radical Islam
6. King Nuttcracker is a loud mouth but the idf spokesmans
Tehraniporou   (01.29.18)
message is to maintain deterrence, I have the sense that Lebanon is already a missile factory and war and peace decision are taken in Jerusalem and Tehran. I dont think that a third Lebanon war will happen because it will a be a human disaster. Khamenei doesnt give a damn about iranian lives and even less about lebanese lives. Hezbollah was initially the gun that is pointed at israel adn preventing it from ever thinking of attacking iran. Now Hezbollah is the embodiment of the quds force and they are there to protect the IRGCs interest which proves to be increasingly at odds with other elements of the iranian regime.
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