PM condemns Irish bill banning Israeli West Bank goods
Associated Press and Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.01.18, 20:45
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1. Illegal according to WTO to boycott and nation.
2. Boycotting Jews over an imaginary line is ANTISEMITISM
3. Irish long history supporting terrorists globally
4. Ireland funds support Palestinian terrorism/antisemitism

Another nation lost its moral compass if it ever had one supporting the evil in the world and even joining in to attack Jews.
Ireland taxes go to fund a dozen antisemitic anti-Israel orgs most which spread lies and blood libels against Jews while supporting, protecting, funding, representing terrorists.
5. Not Surprised
DSM ,   USA   (01.30.18)
It should be no surprise to any Jew, who has ever known even a small group of Irish, that they don't like Jews.
6. Ireland were Nazi supporters
k ,   US   (01.30.18)
why is anyone surprised? they sent their condolences to Germany after it was announced Hitler had died, I have always hated the Irish and for a good reason
7. build those settlements - and expect no reaction?
Rafi ,   US   (01.30.18)
As it was said long ago.... "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen"

So if you decide to stay in the kitchen - and keep building - don't whine & dribble "anti-Semitism" every 2 minutes like a bunch of babies every time the heat comes on.
8. Israeli traitors beg the country which honoured Hitler
ab   (01.30.18)
Day after Adolf's suicide Iriish Prez and National Hero Eamon De Valera arrived at the German Legation in Dublin accompanied by Ireland's PM to express "
Condolences to the German Nation on the Death of its Great Leader Adolf Hitler in the name of the Irish People and the Republic of Ireland".
Duly written in the Guest Book and never apologized for.
Neither for pulling to the half of the Irish Flag from the pole of the Irish Embassy in Lissabon that day.
9. Lousy drunkards
Paddy   (01.30.18)
So what? Ireland never got rid of it's acquaintances with I.R.A./ I.R.S.P. murderers. Funny drunkards!
10. Irland and many Irish supported Nazis
11. PM Netanyahu wow!
Dayanara ,   Israel   (01.31.18)
He must really think that he's a world leader who can just interfere at will in the internal politics of other countries.
He has interfered in the internal politics of the USA
He has interfered in the internal politics of Poland
and now he is interfering in the internal politics of Ireland.

It sure would be nice if instead of interfering in the business of other nations he would settle down and either run Israel properly or retire...after all he's already a very wealthy old man! What more does he want?
12. fake news: Ireland didn't support Nazis
13. That shitty country is the weather vane of future Eurabia.
FO ,   Belgium   (01.31.18)
The Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 has no hold on the so called settlements. The so called West Bank was not a High Contracting Party and could not have signed the Geneva Convention. The so called West Bank is a residual part of the Mandate for Palestine, a territory intended to be part of the Independent Jewish state as decided by the League of Nations, including of course the whole city of Jerusalem. The League’s Mandate has been reaffirmed by the United Nations’ Article 80 of its Charter.
15. Boston was rabid Center Irish Antisemitism
aDerangedHate ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.18)
A little known fact that in Boston a
Irish Nazi Group was formed and funded
By Nazi Germany the infamous Irish Priest
Father Feeney led racist Jew hating
Marches there before during and after
The Holocaust Jews were frequently
Physically assaulted in Jewish
Neighborhoods by Irish gangs
Not all Irish hate Jews or Israel we
Have many friends among Irish
Americans John and Ted Kennedy
Among them however it cannot be denied
There is an irrational hate almost deranged
Among a certain sector of the Irish
16. To be noted Most in Ireland Anti American
IrishHateUStoo ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.18)
Long before Trump
Became President there was widespread
Anti American sentiment
They loved Obama but not Americans
Even though Irish Americans
Supported them historically
Irish Americans visiting Ireland a majority of
Whom are Trump supporting are
Shocked to find the level of
Anti American hate there a story
Well covered up by the Media
17. Ireland’s $ connection to Arab World
$corruption&Racism ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.18)
For several generations Ireland’s
Economy has had Billion dollar
Connections to dictatorial corrupt Arab
And Moslem countries providing
Beef Dairy and furniture to these
Dictatorships bringing in billions
Of $ /Euros and you’ll find
No protests of these dictatorships
Or of their racial hatred of the Jew
Here by pro Palestinian politicians
Or “activists “ or by the rabid
Anti Israel Irish Media
is it any wonder they
Take a virulent Hostile view on Israel
Coupled with inbred cultural Catholic
Church religious Antisemitism
Of centuries it has produced
a deranged and toxic
Anti Israel Ireland
18. Green carpet rolled out for Irish tourists in Arab
Hypocrites ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.18)
And Moslem Dictatorial Countries because
Of their countries anti Israel obsession
Irish tourists and activists bask in the
Sun on the beaches of these repressive
Regimes welcomed and beloved by them
Unmoved by what they actually see there in
these repressive cultures
Turning their venom on Israel the only true democracy in the region
What sad hypocrites
19. Bill could collapse economy -US/international law vs Jewhate
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