Opinion  Ronen Bergman
In the name of my mother, the Holocaust survivor
Ronen Bergman
Published: 19.02.18, 17:04
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1. An upsurge in Anti Semitism in Poland will inevtiably lead
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (02.19.18)
to revival of Pollack Jokes...The biggest Joke is The PM of Poland. His last name represents what he has between his ears...Doodoo.
2. polish pm
Nathan Leibowitz ,   los angfeles   (02.19.18)
kol hakavod, Ronen.

my mother was also from Poland, and yes, the polocks were worse than the nazis.

3. My graandma told me...
Tomek ,   Lublin   (02.19.18)
On Polish media they are dissecting your story as it appears to make no sense whatsoever ("Did Ronen Bergman lie" is the title).
Earlier Yair Lapid claimed that his grandma was killed in Poland by Germans and Poles but it turns out both his grandmothers survived the war. Do you guys never allow the truth to ruin a good story?
4. Well done. Kol hacoved
Ghilmeini ,   Abbottabad, Texas   (02.19.18)
The PM's face says it all.

With the passing of immediate memory of the holocaust, a new age is upon us. The age of forgetters is here, they will lie and pretend it did not happen; they will deflect blame but beneath it all, the old hate bubbles. Fortunately, Israel is strong but the Poland of conciliation and John Paul II is dead and this bastard killed it. There is pogrom in his heart.
5. Polish Nazi death camps
DOV ,   USA   (02.19.18)
I have a similar story. I did not expect a different reaction from Moraweicki. It was the same reaction when Poles were complicit in our relatives slaughter.
6. Jews must not try to belittle other people's suffering
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.19.18)
By belittling other people's suffering, you make other people belittle your suffering.
7. Bravo
Yehuda ,   Jerusalem   (02.19.18)
You did your mother and family proud. We are also all proud of you. The truth will win out in the end.
8. German death camps
Bob ,   Philly   (02.19.18)
Two quotes:
1. "She (mother) was willing to speak German, but Polish? Absolutely not".
2. "Senior German officials thanked me for saying what they are unable to say".
So basically you're saying for them that German death camps were not theirs.
And could you please tell us what nationality were partisans who saved your relatives?
9. German death camps
Bob ,   Philly   (02.19.18)
Two quotes: 1. "She (mother) was willing to speak German, but Polish? Absolutely not". 2. "Senior German officials thanked me for saying what they are unable to say". So basically you're saying for them that German death camps were not theirs. And could you please tell us what nationality were partisans who saved your relatives?
10. You are all stupid
Bercek ,   Lublin, Poland   (02.19.18)
Ungrateful bastards, you would start to learn polish history.


Look at 1st place, surprised?


In occupied Poland, if you knew about the Jews who were hiding and you did not inform the police, you and your whole family were killed.
My grandma knew about. Despite it, she saved two Jewish children. She was lucky and survived although never had own tree there...
They and thousands similar to them were not such happy...


I am so angry with people like you
11. Learn history
Rick ,   Toronto   (02.19.18)
German death camps didn't start in Poland. Long before WW2 started, there were death camps built in Germany and Austria: Buchenwald, Dachau, Mauthausen, to name a few, there were more.
In 1939 Germany and 2 weeks later Russia attacked Poland starting WW2. Later Germans built death camps on Polish soil, closer to the population, to exterminate Poles to make room for Germans to expand east.

We thrive by truth, you thrive by lies and hate.
Read "Eichmann in Jerusalem", read Norman Finkelstein.
12. USA and Holocaust
Rick ,   Toronto   (02.19.18)
28 July 1943 Jan Karski personally met with President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Oval Office, telling him about the situation in Poland and becoming the first eyewitness to tell him about the Jewish Holocaust.[10] During their meeting, Roosevelt asked about the condition of horses in Poland.[11] Roosevelt did not ask one question about the Jews.[12] Karski went on to meet with many other government and civic leaders in the United States, including Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, Cordell Hull, William Joseph Donovan, and Rabbi Stephen Wise. Frankfurter, skeptical of Karski's report, said later "I did not say that he was lying, I said that I could not believe him. There is a difference."
13. To Mr Bergman
Cris ,   Warsaw   (02.19.18)
Dear Mr Bergman,
please read about Jewish Ghetto Police - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Ghetto_Police
14. Not all poles
Real1tyCheck ,   Florida USA   (02.19.18)
and not just during the war, but most poles were worse than the nazis during the prior Russian, Prussian and earlier regimes. nazis built the biggest death camps in poland because most poles supported their goal.
15. Mr.
Chezi ,   Modiin   (02.20.18)
Except for the very few who were helped or saved by Poles, most survivors aagree- the Poles were worse than the Nazis. Why worse? Because, unlike the Nazis, it was expected of them to act human. And for the most part, they failed miserably.
16. Interesting questions
Ichaak ,   Hajfa   (02.20.18)
How is possible that:
- your mom was 5 during the WWII and received a medal form polish Ministry of Education
- your mam received a medal form a resort that was not existed before WWII?
17. two questions
joanna Grabowska   (02.20.18)

1. "Mother and grandmother, and a few other relatives who survived spent the rest of the war in the woods, with the partisans"

2.“the Poles were worse than the Nazis.”

They were polish partisans Mr Bergman.

1. "While in kindergarten, she (your mather) had already received a special prize from the Polish education minister for “good Polish"

2 "My mother, had to bury her father in the snow, quietly, so the Nazis don't find them. She was five years old at the time"

How your mother, may her memory be a blessing, coud learn polish language so well while she was 5 year old during the war?
18. Anti-polonism is wake up...Provocation.
Lucjan ,   Warsaw   (02.20.18)
Dear Sir @ronenbergman, how is it possible that your mother was 5 years old during the IIWW but before the war she received a medal from the minister of education? Explain me please.
19. In the name of Ahed Tamimi
Pole   (02.20.18)
Finally Israel showed its true face.
20. "We were constantly hungry." Everybody was.
Max ,   Warsaw   (02.19.18)
'She and other family members, she told us, had paid a Polish peasant money to hide in his farm. “We were constantly hungry. It was starvation to the brink of death,” she told me. '
Sadly everybody was hungry as the Germans rationed food: they gave Poles ca 650 calories per day, Ukrainian ca 930 and Jews ca 150. Read about der Hungerplan in relation to Generalplan Ost. And if anyone decided to hide Jews he/she had to share their rations, so at the expense of their own children and family. If Jews had no money to buy food on the black market it was an enormous strain on those who were hiding them.
21. This needs to be said
Isaac Storm   (02.20.18)
The Polish PM was either being disingenuous or severely lacks the education to make the distinction between a Polish collaborator/perpetrator/"snitch" and a Jewish one & he is probably influenced by the Polish nationalist/conservative school of thought. (See Joanna Michlie's work) But let's be clear here: It was the Nazi practice to force the Jews themselves to administer the discriminatory decrees that produced their suffering. Were some Jews more willing to throw their brethen under the bus in order to survive? Perhaps. But most met the same fate because all Jews were slated to be killed. The ones who survived, usually by chance, were hated and ostracized, as the ones who ultimately perished. They were certainly not lauded or glorified. No Israeli PM or president laid a wreath at their grave in respect, as the Polish PM did for the Polish underground group that killed/turned in Jews.
22. false story
bogdan ,   gonzales   (02.20.18)
His mother was 5 years old during holocaust
This make his story complete lie.
Any one can feed and shelter for free 1 day or 1 week but not years
To be able emigrated from Communist Poland under Stalin rule you have to be connected to communist regime
23. Ichcak Kacenelson
Agnieszka ,   Warsaw   (02.20.18)
Icchak Kacenelson, יצחק קאַצענעלסאָן
Dos lid funem oysgehargetn yidishn folk דאָס ליד פונעם אױסגעהרגעטן ײדישן פאָלק
What do you say to this? Who was worse than the Nazis in the ghettos? There were no Poles there. You deliberatly LIE by telling only parts of the story. The thing is - we don't need to prove anything -Jewish testimony of those years says it all for us. We know our history.
24. Q&A
TheVoiceOfTruth ,   Berlin   (02.19.18)
Dear Sir @ronenbergman, how is it possible that your mother was 5 years old during the IIWW but before the war she received a medal from the minister of education? Explain me please.
25. dolar, dolar
PL ,   Lublin   (02.20.18)
"Stalin was good, Hitler not so bad, Germans? Civilised, educated nation ... only this scummy, subhuman Polacs, kind of catholic animals..." I only read your stament in this way. It is ethnic slur and ahistoric. I don't even try to comment this. Most Poles are in anger. You Jews were completly isolated in the time of war from the Polish society, only few even speak Polish... have you ever asked yourselve why? And when the things gone very bad all of Your tribe demand helping hand and shelter from this "stupid catholic peasant animals". Are you crazy or what? Neverthless many risking their own and family live helped. Probably only because they were humans and catholic, and now they get the gratitude. I understand your mother - she hated, probably even had basis for that but you are spreading hatred completly in vain. Pity.
26. Liar
Jacek ,   Szczecin   (02.20.18)
Mr. Ronen Bergman. You organized a crude provocation with a false, tearful story just to spot Israel's racism. Your mother was only five years old during the war. You are a crook and you bring shame to a professional journalist.
27. Sebastian Kurz (Federal Chancellor of Austria)
Tosia   (02.20.18)
On the Austria territory there was probably the worst concentraion camp: Mauthausen-Gusen. Odilo Globocnik, head of the "Reinhard" campaign and displacements in the Zamość region; Franz Stangl, commander of the camps in Treblinka and Sobibór; Otto Gustav von Wächter, the governor of the Galician and Krakow provinces of the Generalgouvernement - they were all citizens of Austria. The Reich Commissariat in the Netherlands was headed by former Austrian chancellor Arthur Seyss-Inquart, who brought so many associates from Austria that they were called the "Danube Club". The head of the Main Security Office of the Reich was also an Austrian, Ernst Kalltenburnner. The Austrian was Adolf Eichmann, sentenced to death in Israel after the Israeli special services kidnapped him from Argentina. Over 1000 members of the SS and police from Austria took part in the pacification of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Anyway - why look far away - Adolf Hitler himself was born and raised in the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy. Did Mr. Ronen Bergman asked any questions to Mr Kurz? No. Moreover, Austrians now feel like a victims of the 2 World War. Nowadays hitory teaches Poles that what it is better not to help people during war, that the honour and humanity does not matter. What is the most important - PR and money.
28. Hatred and the Attempted Whitewashing of History
Catherine Schonthal ,   Toronto   (02.20.18)
One does not need much more than the sneering, condescending expression on morawiecki's face and his attempts to coldly falsify history. For any one who has seen the documentary "Shoah", do you recall the sick smile of the train conductor on the DVD cover? Or the Polish movie "Ida" in which a shiver-inducing, lying woman denies Jews ever lived there. (Proof of Polish deception and suppression: the government employee who showed the movie Ida, an Academy Award winner, was fired from her job).
You can see such faces while traveling in Poland. And the little Jew figures with horns sold in many markets. The absurd claims and attempts to deny collaborations will continue. Thank you Ronen for telling a little of your family's story and for asking about the latest manifestation of Polish antisemitism: this ridiculous new law. And why are so many Poles reading YNet? and writing comments when they can't put together a sentence in English?
29. 5 years old during the IIWW??
Tomek   (02.20.18)
Dear Sir @ronenbergman how is it posible that your mother was 5 years old during the IIWW but before the war she receiwed a medal from the minister of education?? Explain me please.
30. Explain me please.
Cris ,   USA   (02.20.18)
Dear Sir @ronenbergman, how is it possible that your mother was 5 years old during the IIWW but before the war she received a medal from the minister of education? Explain me please.
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