Despite footage, plea bargain for 2 Israelis who beat Sudanese to death
Gilad Morag
Published: 22.02.18, 13:44
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1. Give money to family in enemy Sudan? Crazy!
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.22.18)
2. shameful
Eva ,   Bridgend UK   (02.22.18)
What double standard
3. Disgusting!
Eric ,   Montreal   (02.22.18)
If the victim were Jewish the conviction would have been much harsher!
4. How so? Read the article again, dumb аss
Deavman ,   Ta   (02.22.18)
5. What Nazis did to Jews, Jews now do to non-Jews
6. Jews are like all underdogs, when they get on top, they
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.22.18)
become more vicious, more savage, and more criminal to their victims than than the victims were to them when they were underneath.
7. By Their Fruit Ye Shall Know Them
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.22.18)
It seems that Israelis from a very young age are taught to have contempt for all other human beings. Even to the point of making us sub-human Goyem. I wonder where they learned that philosophy?
8. Absolutely corect
Sky Blue ,   București   (02.22.18)
It is the sudanese man who should pay compensations of 50 000 shelels. To the israely girls who were sitting on the bench and started to scream when he approached them. Speaking with a foreign man in Israel can make an israely girl lose her virginity and the virginity certificate issued by her family doctor.
9. Israeli culture is racist and murderous
Guest ,   N/A   (02.23.18)
Israel apartheid must be abolished. This was a lynching and a hate crime. These murderers deserve death or life in prison. The fact that the so-called prosecutor gave them such a light sentence shows how deep the racism has infiltrated their institutions and culture. Imagine how much noise would occur if a Jew was treated like this by non jewss or anywhere. Israeli Jewish Hypocrites love to preach about tolerance and diversity but they never practice it themselves
10. A light unto nations
David   (02.23.18)
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (02.23.18)
12. This is a crime in every country of the world
Tova   (03.22.18)
It happens everywhere. The article said the girls screamed. Why would they do that? It is obvious the girls were not being harassed according to this video.

What about the girls? they should also be charged in the crime.

This is one of those things that you never know whether something good or bad will happen when approached by a stranger.

In this case beating the stranger was definetly wrong.
13. No shame in calling out evil
Brenton   (06.06.18)
Because we are so often stereotyped, as are Muslims, it is so hard for us to admit that a Jew would be at fault. The man should not have harrassed the girls, sure...but he was walking away and did not cause any physical harm.

There is no shame in condemning wicked behavior, and when it is one of our own, we are even more obligated to denounce it. What if a Jewish man had been killed in an Arab country in exactly the same circumstances? Many here who are attempting to justify this would be saying what I am saying.

We are all human first and foremost. Then Jews and Muslims.
14. Murderers. Lock them up and bin the key.
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.22.18)
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