PM's former advisor refusing to cooperate with investigators
Eli Senyor
Published: 22.02.18, 18:22
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1. Rather die than snitch’s all a fib!

2. I bet if you
Ken   (02.22.18)
Torture him like you torture everyone else, he will talk.
3. The police love to terrorize people. The police are the ter
Rivkah   (02.22.18)
terrorists and out of control are almost never prosecuted for breaking the laws. If all else fails, the police perjure people and make up evidence to wrongly convict the innocent. Former US Congressman Jim Trafficant (now deceased, probably murdered) said there are at least 250,000 people in US prisons who are innocent and he was one of them for seven years. The INjustice system in the USA is bringing judgment from haShem. It sounds like the Israeli system has become like the US system and that is a sad day, when the murder of a person's reputation is legal when to haShem that is the same as the murder of the person. One of the reasons the US Injustice system is so corrupt is because of the Russians on US police departments who are in the USA to harm and kill Americans. Don't think so? Almost any American is prosecuted on the slightest pretext or no pretext in a vendetta system of INjustice. While the criminal illegal aliens get a free pass. Obama released 35,000 illegal felons from US prisons into the USA not deporting them before their sentences were served. An illegal Mexican stole a truck in Colorado, drove to California, got drunk, and switched lanes on a highway trying to kill my husband and demolished both trucks. The criminal illegal was never prosecuted for drunk driving, vehicle theft or the attempted murder of my husband since the 2005 event! WHY??? Because the US government hates its own people and Obama ordered and put into FEMA camps and railroad cars 30,000 smart tech GUILLOTINES!!!! WHO are they going to kill after the children are slaughtered to feed the survivors of nuclear war? The Jews? The Christians? The Patriots? White people?
4. deri, olmert, bibi, katzav etc
orly   (02.22.18)
if a minister is convicted of a crime, he or she should not be allowed to run again period having broken trust. as for rehabilitation and redemption, while not indicted again, there is a lot of investigation of deri. olmert should not be allowed anywhere near the political system. if bibi is convicted, the same applies to him

israel has been wrong to permit convicted mks a second chance. it has not worked out.
5. That's the correct stand of an honorable man, Soprano-style!
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