Walla! CEO tells police: Elovitch is a crime family
Published: 23.02.18, 22:39
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1. Freiers, Suckers, Jews Jewing Jews, poetic justice
2. The real crime family? That’d be our media with Abramovich
at the forefront!
Left infiltrated pseudo journalism is the order of the day.
3. Feature presentation heats up more popcorn needed!
4. This is all or nothing for our democracy! Should these
representatives of Judaeo-Quislings in our press/media succeed in overthrowing Netanyahu ....we're toast, literally.
What could follow, would be a government hell bent on Two State Final Solution, ending in Iran scorching our Land of Israel & it's inhabitants.
That is not some far-fetched doomsday scenario, that's the (undeclared/unintentional) result of Left's policy.
5. whatsapp
David ,   NY   (02.24.18)
where is the crime?
6. who knows what has happened
manny   (02.24.18)
rumors and allegations are flying around. mandlebilt's office will sort everything out eventually hopefully before the messiah comes.. presumption of innocence is key so press should not be writing bibi's epitaph just yet.

one thing is essential for any prime minister. he is the prime minister and not his wife. she should not be involved in the business of his govt. she has to know her role. the public did not elect her.

she should not be be the human resources minister to decide who is hired and fired from the govt. and if she goes too far, the prime minster must tell her NO-she is not to be involved in his govt business. if she insists, he should read her the riot act period. if he is afraid to do that, then he should resign.

bibi is the pm. Sara is not. The public did not elect you.
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