Fruit of Israeli-Jordanian peace still on the tree
Yitzhak Gal
Published: 30.03.18, 23:35
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1. You have relations with the King, but the people hate you
Mark Jackobson ,   Tulsa, Oklahoma   (03.31.18)
You must have a marvellous holiday, with so much Palestinian blood spilled.
2. $Billions in US Aid to Jordan and Egypt is the real "Friend"
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.31.18)
... without America Israel would have no"Friends", and would not exist.
3. Be realistic Gal, this potential will never be realized
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.31.18)
Israel only sounds weak in the Middle East with such dreams.

This is how the Arab brain is programmed to function.
4. We'll pick the fruit when Amman becomes Capitol of Palestine
5. All Muslim/Arab "fruits" are rotten, so thanks but no thanks
6. gal doesn't know what he is talking about
mark   (03.31.18)
abdullah of Jordan will not last forever in this artificial regime. peace will require reexamination of Jordan portion of mandate. there is not enough space where Israel and Palestinians so called live. Jordan was part of mandate so that will have to be reviewed.
7. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (03.31.18)
I still say you can't make peace with a people that want to kill you.
much must be done on Jordan side to bring peace. and stop always blaming Israel for problems.
Israel not stupid to situation but keeps on trying. good luck.
8. 2 wicked Colonial British implants
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (03.31.18)
Time will tell, time is telling which one on these 2 bastards will get that devastating earthquake in the few months first. Surely these 2 have played with God's holy name(Peace) long enough.
9. Without oil and billion Apartheid Muslims backing
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.31.18)
10. Temporary solution only
Tova   (03.31.18)
Israel and Jordan have many working projects. Jordan benefits greatly with the technology and contributions Israel has made.

Jordan may not be as evil as other Islamic countries. But Jordan is totally responsible for the palenstians people who Jordan refuses to accept. Jordan plays a dangerous game.

It works with Israel while waiting the day Jordan will try to occupy Israel.

It will never happen.
11. Jordanian Parliament supporting ISIS Temple Mount Terrorists
12. Jewish objects taken on entry into Jordan
13. jordan openly works with our enemies to ferment violence
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