Armed with tires, mirrors, Palestinians renew Gaza border protests
Ynet reporters, Reuters
Published: 03.04.18, 14:21
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1. IDF has some big problems now
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (04.03.18)
They're not sophisticated enough to get around tires and mirrors.
2. I guess they don't know the meaning of 'give peace a chance'
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.03.18)
If no rockets were launched at Israel, if no tunnels were dug into Israel, if no sniping into Israel happened, might it not be conceivable that Israel would behave differently towards Gaza?

But rockets from Gaza do land in Israel, tunnels from Gaza do surface in Israel, and IEDs from Gaza do injure Israelis, so I'm totally ok with whatever Israel does to protect itself. And pretty much the whole world does too.

If the idiots want to burn tires and use mirrors, let them. But if they step over the border, they should expect a lethal response.

Did anyone notice that Haniyeh wasn't at the very front of the demonstrators? He never is. Let others get killed or injured. How dumb are the people of Gaza?
3. Jews should march to claim all our lands! Take the offensive
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.03.18)
Why do we constantly allow our mortal "Palestinian" foes to take the offensive? It is always "Palestinians" marching. It is always "Palestinians" asserting their bogus "rights" to Jewish land.

Israel always play defense. YOU CAN'T WIN PLAYING DEFENSE. Jews should march to retake all our lands; including Gaza, and every part of Judea and Samaria handed to "Palestinians" by the lunatic Labor Party.

It took us 2,000 years to reclaim our sole tiny Homeland. Why do we put up with this B.S. from "Palestinian" poseurs, whose goal is to wipe us out?
4. Is this ALL Hamas have to show?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.03.18)
Pushing and coercing civilians INCLUDING CHILDREN to breach the border while THEY sit out in all bedecked in their sunglasses in comfort and safety

This is Hamas desperate bid to do something ANYTHING to take the heat of the ANGER and FURY building up in Gaza against their own miserable FAILURES of the past 10 years with NOTHING TO SHOW but blood, tears. poverty and hopelessness

Rather than working toward a 2 state solution and smashing the status quo, they would rather perpetuate the myth that they can somehow walk into Israel or create their Greater Palestine on the ashes of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom in Jordan

Are they THAT naive to believe that by keeping Gaza in permanent misery Gazans will be compliant and subservient and dance to their tune?


Hamas have had their chances but have blown every SHRED of credibility in Gaza SKY HIGH
5. it is plain for all to see
ray   (04.03.18)
Lieberman is steady as a rock on Gaza, deadly force will be used, and zandberg and the un can shut up.

Bennett is clear cut on no deal on refugees wth the united nations and that is it. Israel will decide on its own what to do. France and others should mind their own bloody business as they drown in their immigrants.

feiglin is clear-cut on what to do for Israel and its war and land claim strategies.

contrast this with bibi, yes i signed a deal, no i suspended it and now i reject it as i look at it anew with fresh input. of course if Putin calls me tomorrow and tells me i have to live up to the deal, then i have no choice, i have to do what he told me to do. that is also why i apologized to erdogan because obama told me i have to do it. me?-i have no opinions period. the sooner this man is indicted along with his wife, the better it will be. thsi man is a coward!

herzog-his way is this-terror event, oh, build another fence, offer withdrawal from west bank,east Jerusalem and may be elsewhere.

katz-terror event- oh build a gaza island airport for hamas.another idiot.

lapid-saudi arabia plan will solve everything for us-regional peace-what a dope.

livni- we have to withdraw even if demographic estiamtes are actually in our favour-anyone using arab census is a sh muck and that includes professor soffer and idf cogat.-livni's lunches with erekat have deranged her.

gabbay- i agree with oslo, but settlers won't have to leave, well them maybe some of them will leave-another moron.

so now you know who to vote for-benentt feigllin and lieberman. otherwise, israel has no future.and if you prefer lapid livni and gabbay, then don't blame anyone else as you march into arab ovens because if hamas and hezbollah gain the upper hand, 1 million jews will be slaughtered, and the rest booted out of palestine. that is what arab peace looks like and any jew who thinks otherwise will eventually end up dead. arabs want all jews out of their beloved palestine. and all this is aided and abetted by european countries who are drowning in their immmigration polices and so excoriate israel to curry favour.
6. Mirrors
David   (04.03.18)
Using mirrors to reflect the damaging sunraya into the eyes of Israeli snipers? That is terrorism.
7. Lot of stupid comments here ...
I see a lot of stupid comments here. Some says zombies and some says pathetic Muslims. All i have to say is : we'll see :) enjoy your comments you racist fx ;)
8. TIRES & MIRORS! What a show!!! IDF should just make tea &
Iranain Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.04.18)
BAKHLAVA and invite them over for a massive rave party.
9. If the "palestinians" turn the mirrors on themselves,
A ,   OutThere   (04.04.18)
the Israelis won't have to shoot them, they'll die of their own ugliness.
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