Rafael's weapons deal with Poland advances despite spat
Udi Etsion
Published: 10.04.18, 15:30
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1. This war mongering beast,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.10.18)
These people really got some nerve. Poland is seemingly not trying to go by the way of Germany with the Jew eternal extortion and character assassination but they will spend billions with these "Fake Jew" crackers/Krakows. Oh well at least we know Isaiah 2:4 has nothing to do with these people's.
2. Sheikh
Yahudi ,   Damascus, Israel   (04.10.18)
This is the way it's been throughout Jewish history. They hate our guts, and yet love to do business with us. Let's face it, nothing beats Jewish brains and creativity!
3. Jews would do everything for money confirmed by Gen. Har.
ab   (04.10.18)
Is there nobody to stop this happy idiot ?
Never mind pathological hatred of Jews by Poles,never mind they were trading Jews for a quarter of pound of salt,the idiot is "happy" ,as if Poles wouldn't trade Raphael's technology for Iranian monies.
Sell it directly to Iran,avoiding Polish middleman if you need to be "happy"
4. Should we also suffer financial losses besides the slap in
our face by the Polish government (and sadly) ,Polish people?!
5. Meanwhile UK/Canada/EU openly fund terrorism against Jews
6. us robbery
momo   (04.11.18)
wow,only 10% and better!now you know why the germany army is shit today.they had a lot of money more than israel but all they have today is shit!!ships defect,30 year old jets moslty defect,most tanks airtransporter always defect,but hey they had some us wepaons....
7. money money money
Tehraniporou   (04.12.18)
years ago, during the time when bribes were tax deductible from corporation tax and before the virtuous oecd convention on corruption, some of these weapon-high tech companies had a intragroup financing branch in Switzerland from where also some transactions were carried and invoiced
8. Doctor
Wyplosz ,   Paris   (05.18.18)
I do not agree with the recent Polish law against research in history. But I am born in the Warsaw ghetto and if I am still in life it's because some Poles helped Jews. Polin was host country for Jews for centuries and si still threaten by Russia. Remember that in the Katyn massacre there were many Jews. If Israel can protect Poland i's a good thing.
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