Knesset committee approves override power over High Court
Shahar Hay
Published: 06.05.18, 14:14
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1. Where's the basic info?
David ,   New york   (05.06.18)
For example, how many votes does the bill require in order to override the Supreme Court?
Ok, I get it, ynet doesn't like this bill (presumably because the Supreme Court is controlled by leftists and this would make the government more accountable to its citizens as opposed to the self appointed Supreme Court) but don't you think they could at least report basic info?
2. the beginning of the end of Democracy
3. When they lose the next elections, they'll regret this law
4. Next up immunity from prosecution for all politicians
5. Demos-cratis is Greek for
Richie ,   Israel   (05.06.18)
"rule of the people." Since it's not possible to hear or to obey the will of every single citizen, the Greeks then came up with the idea of electing representatives of the people, who would vote laws in or out. Elected officials are democratic, because they are the "rule of the people" (demos). Unelected officials, such as judges, who legislate, are pulling the government away from "people rule" by elected representatives. Judges have a place, but cannot be allowed to legislate. Elected representatives passing laws is democracy --"rule of the people." Unelected judges deciding laws is not the rule of the people. It's tyranny.
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