Syrian army says only 3 killed in Israeli strikes
Daniel Salami, Liad Osmo, Reuters
Published: 10.05.18, 15:00
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1. You are?
Rami ,   Helsinki   (05.10.18)
So why did you allow Sultan Erdogan to take Afrin so easily from your so called country.
2. Iran presence in Syria & Lebanon will bring nothing but ruin
Rafi ,   US   (05.10.18)
to those states. The problem is that Iran will fight to the last Syrian & Lebanese... all outside of Iran.

Only when Iran regime & Revolutionary Guard (vs. Iranian people) feel DIRECT pain will they retreat to Iran where they belong.
3. it will take only a few months for iran to recover
mofta   (05.10.18)
it will not be many months so idf should not overstate raid success. it did a good job but the raid was on a small scale. next time, it needs to hit 200 Iranian emplacements and repeatedly. Lieberman is doing a good job and Israel does not need world support as lapid reflexively mimics john kerry. it defends itself and need not apologize for it.

in the next encounter, the Iranian homeland may have to be targeted.
4. iran talks revenge
gandjian   (05.10.18)
Iran talks revenge likely via hezbollah. if it doe exact a price, it should know that its homeland may be hit along with massive cleansing of Iranian operations in Syria. Lieberman is in charge, not softie netanyahu.

so be forewarned, the Iranian homeland will be hit if you undertake more actions against Israel.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.11.18)
it still cares for the useless lives of the mullahs. Now, Valdi has more orders to fill. Russia can be fed again, and its illitrate mass will vote for him again. There is a cash cow called Iran. Why would Russia ever want to end ISIS or the mullahs!!!! They both make lots of income for it indirectly. Now, Russia is doing the same things that once used to accuse USA of.
6. All humanitarians will agree that only 3 =very humanitarian
Alan ,   SA   (05.11.18)
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