Palestinians set fire to gas pipes at Kerem Shalom crossing
Yoav Zitun, Matan Tzuri, Elior Levy
Published: 11.05.18, 22:17
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1. the inner malice drives them that irrational
Cameron   (05.11.18)
Wickedly stupid, self-destructive Gaza fuckers.

Just shut such facilities down, and waste no more coin upon the matter.
2. Just let them rot& stew in their own, putrid juices.
3. What other country supplies to their sworn enemy!!!
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (05.12.18)
Supplying energy to our sworn enemy is no olive branch but it’s the energy required for building tunnels and rockets, a beastly and inhuman payments in-kind
4. Mr
Dave ,   Cincinnati   (05.12.18)
They burn there fuel depoe and complain about fuel shortages.They had free greenhouse that would have made millions and now complain they don't have jobs true barbarians
5. Palestinian fools and their self-inflicted Nakba.
leo ,   usa   (05.12.18)
6. Palestinian fools and their self-inflicted Nakba.
leo ,   usa   (05.12.18)
7. Palestinian fools and their self-inflicted Nakba.
leo ,   usa   (05.12.18)
8. There are no greater fools on the Planet
Yakov ,   Afula   (05.12.18)
than the Palestinians. Years ago they could have had an independent flourishing state with Israel as a friendly cooperative neighbour. Gaza has the topographical potential to be a tourist paradise with air and sea ports and a modern agricultural and industrial economy. They chose, and continue to choose, destruction and devastation instead. Opting for poverty and misery, devastation and human suffering over prosperity is the result of incitement by irresponsible leaders using religion to manipulate gullible minds.
I genuinely feel sorry for the Palestinians, all it would take would be for a normal leader to take over and look to the future rather than the past, build rather than destroy. If and when this happens they will discover that the best friend they will have in this world will be Israel.
9. Hate's first victim is always yourself.
Anthony ,   Barcelona   (05.12.18)
No gas, well let them all just drink cold coffee and uncooked meat. We should not in any way help them to rebuild that they've destroyed. In fact, why do't we do relentless fly overs and drop pork chops after pork chop on thier heads. Think about it ....
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