Erdan calls to resume targeted killings of Hamas leaders
Ynet reporters
Published: 15.05.18, 12:12
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1. incitement to murder
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (05.15.18)
Erdan should be charged with incitement to murder
2. Solution,long term
Yakov ,   Afula   (05.15.18)
Israel and Egypt need to cooperate militarily and simply take over Gaza, depose and physically eliminate Hamas leaders. They should set up a temporary military government for 1 year, a transitional government, and then hand administration over to the people of Gaza as opposed to them being governed by a bunch of thugs. Gaza territory should be extended down to El Arish by Egypt ceding territory and air and sea ports built. Gaza should then become an autonomous region of Egypt and it will eventually become a flourishing robust tourist destination, agricultural and industrial success able to sustain itself and provide a decent and respectable living for all. Building and producing in order to become self sufficient is better than destroying and getting killed and living in permanent poverty and misery. Israel will become their best friend and show them how to live with honor and dignity. The rich Arab countries will provide funds for reconstruction and rehabilitation, America and Israel will provide the know how. There is no other solution.
Robert ,   Israel   (05.15.18)
As you say, Mr. Erdan, Israel has to go after the heads of the snakes and not after the tails of the rats.
4. A necessary & logical action any sane nation would’ve
implemented long time ago!
5. Where's Rambo when you need him ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.15.18)
Wish we had a Rambo with a gatling gun (machine gun).

According to the news that I am reading online, UN and all of Europe would rather we let the scum into Israel. I bet they would cheer if Pali's were killing all the Jews.

And yet, not one country saying anything about Syrian massacre for last
few years.
6. erdans solution
tomer ,   jerusalem   (05.15.18)
Dear Minister,
one may understand your proposal for a solution of the current dangerous
situation your government maneuvred israel into.
to make things clear : i support and i am happy that the US moved their embassy to west-jerusalem (leaving the final arrangement of jerusalem
to israel-palestian negotiations).
The US cancellation of the iran nuclear deal is annother move i can live with even though i do not understand what US proposes instead for the time being.
What i do not live quietly with is the following:
1) what did these "evangalical,messianic christians" do at the openeing
of the embassy ? Did the pay for the embassy? do you understand with
whom you went to "bed". ? For them the jewish nation is a "stepping stone"
on the way to open the door for the return of their "messiah".once they
believe the time is ripe jews,moslem and others will be obsolete . These are
your new friends ?
2) more important : your government is being held hostage by "messianic
jews" and you know that. The likud strayed from its platform and ideology
and is on a way to lead to disaster . You forgot that despite the constant
claims "Palestians are no partner for peace"( i agree they rejected each and every offer by various israeli governments like olmert,barack etc) it does not
free you from at least to develop and propose constantly options to them.You did nothing in this respect. Being strong and determined to fight enemies is one side of the coin, the other side is to give atleast the population of palestins who still are not islamic extremits hope,dignity and respect by offering solutions (as senseless as it may seem). This at least
would have put the blame and the anger for failing to solve the the israel-palestian dispute on the palestian leadership . On this issue your government failed completely.Now the landdispute becomes a religious
fight : messianc christians,messianc jews and messianc moslems are pulling the political strings .This explosive concoction you will not be able
to control anymore in a short time. You and your collegues missed one important ingredient in the Middle-east cooking pot .Now you are riding the tiger. I hope you know what you are doing.
7. Then, there will be suicide bombing outside Erdan's home i
Carmela Minache ,   Tel   (05.15.18)
8. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (05.15.18)
you fight your enemy the best way you can. nice rules are for diplomats and historians. your enemy is not a nice person. he is determined to kill you. you must eliminate him before he gets you. by any means. war is a dirty business.
9. Solution to problem targeted killing kill leaders
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.15.18)
Hamas are agitating the public, they are using the public as cannon fodder, the leaders should be held responsible, kill all targeted leaders. These leaders are responsible for inciting violence as a result the public gets killed. The leaders don't care how many get killed. Come Bibi eliminate them. Before we start losing Israeli lives. Shalom.
10. islam terror
Mark E Langeway   (05.15.18)
Israel is ALL alone and it`s not their fault. It`s Europe who pay for this violence and the queer media.
11. Erdan security cabinet member wants marijuana legalized.
Eden   (05.15.18)
Decriminalizing this drug is insane. This is what Erdan is proposing.

12. yes, yes, just do it
even the trembling europeans have learned that terrorists must be
many heads of the islamic state have been eliminated.
terror heads cannot be allowed to live.
13. This is better
VR200 ,   Everywhere   (05.15.18)
When the heat comes closer to home, sanity prevails.
Too bad for all those lost souls who fell for the propaganda and are now at room temp.
14. The best part is
VR200 ,   Everywhere   (05.15.18)
these so called leaders kids and families were elsewhere while they forced others to die.
I have never wished death upon anyone as I wish on these.
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