Hamas leader says Gaza border protests achieved their goals
Daniel Salami, Associated Press
Published: 18.05.18, 23:51
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1. He's sort of right
david ,   tornto   (05.19.18)
But sort of isn't. The world is moving on quick, even the arabs. However, Israel needs to find more passive ways of killing all infiltrators. Something along the line of a series of high powered, fatal electric fences, then you soak the ground in preparation for any protests
2. Like Iran, Hamas is too frightened to carry on the fight
Abu Khaled ,   Unified Jerusalem   (05.19.18)
Turning tail and hopping away like scared bunny rabbits.
3. There is no logic in starving and tormenting millions of p
Miriam Kershenbaum ,   Tel Aviv   (05.19.18)
4. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (05.19.18)
he is full of hot air. Gaza still a miserable place with miserable people. and lots of stupid people that believe in Hamas. just think how much could have been accomplished with sane leaders. from hell on earth to a grand heaven. why not on earth?
5. Europe&the "enlightened" liberals in the West are in Islams
pockets anyhow.
The ghouls of Gaza don't really have to lift a finger to confirm this fact.
What is their "achievement" then?
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (05.20.18)
Target of your stupidity. You also always each a higher level of stupidity with each war.
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