Ministers threaten Gaza retaking should conflict escalate
Elior Levy and Alexandra Lukash
Published: 29.05.18, 23:31
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1. Two ignoranoranuses don't know what catering for 2 m. means
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.30.18)
2. Expel the Gazans to Egypt, and annex Gaza...
...and allow Jews/Israelis to reclaim and resettle Gaza Strip.
Then this farce will end.
3. bibi, katz, elking, shteinitz
ed   (05.30.18)
they all can talk tough but int the same breath, they say they don't seek escalation. the 4 f them are unfit to lead any military campaign. the idf should be preparing all out assault and dislocation of gaza in case. not a word should be said about not seeking escalation.

bibi of course hasn't a clue on what to do. he is not the soldier people think he is. he has no idea on how to attack Gaza. its up to lieberman, bennett and galant. they know what to do especially with galant input in concert with the chief of statt.

one of the reasons that hamas has been such a constant menace is that israeli leaders from olmert and livni to bibi and ehud barak have permitted them to do what they do. do you think hamas would be doing this if putin was pm of israel?????

bibi can go to macron and visit germany later and stay there. his input is worthless.
4. Are we winning yet?
Israeli Citizen ,   Israel   (05.30.18)
Seriously, what do these two know about military security of the State of Israel?
On his Knesset bio Minister MK Mr. Steinitz lists that he was a soldier in the Golani Brigade: reservist in the Alexandroni Brigade. He does not list what military rank he holds. Meaning of course that he doesn't even hold an officer's rank.
On her Knesset bio Minister MK Ms. Shaked lists that she was an NCO of Education in the Golani Brigade.
In other words neither one of them has real, true and RELEVANT military experience to make the threats they are making...they simply don't know what they are talking about!

In the meantime, Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu is the longest serving prime minister - surely he's had enough time to stop talking and start doing! So why is it that the State of Israel has STILL not found a solution to the problems of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran? How much more time will he be needing to win?

The State of Israel existed for a very long time BEFORE Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu and his government ministers began their tenure.
The State of Israel will (please G-d) exist for a very long time AFTER Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu retires from government service. May it please G-d that he lives a long life in retirement and enjoys his wife, his children and grandchildren for years to come...may it be very far away from the public eye...he deserves the peace, quiet, benefits and profits offered by retirement.
Which is to say...let's all get together and vote them ALL out of office.
Enough is enough already!
5. What credentials in Security do these two have? NONE!
Quality Control! ,   Israel   (05.30.18)
So why are they leading us into the next war?
So why are they choosing to make all of us cannon fodder?
They don't know what they are talking about.
They aren't doing anything positive for the People of the State of Israel.
Let's hold elections and change the really is past time!
We deserve a change!
6. More foolish empty threats from amateurs!
Lara ,   Israel   (05.30.18)
This isn't looking good for us.
How shall we fix this?
What needs to change?
Do we ordinary citizens need to tell our current government: Put up or shut up...either do it right or get out of office.
Because at the moment your impotence and amateur foolishness is not only obvious to Israeli citizens it is also obvious to our enemies.
7. their idea is logistically impossible & unnecessary 4 Israel
besides many will be killed as a result of their ridiculously uninformed suggestion?
8. Empty threat...unless...
Loknah ,   Israel   (05.30.18)
it is Rapture time and the Fundamentalist Evangelical Sovereign Citizens and their militia are coming over, putting their boots on the ground and making good on the this empty threat of these two non-security experts.

I don't think that's going to happen because we all know that Fundamentalist Evangelical Sovereign Citizens expect their prediction to come true.
Their prediction is "When all the Jews return to Zion, the Christian Messiah will led the Jewish troops and win the land for Christiandom!"
9. steinitz,shaked etc
tomer ,   jerusalem   (05.30.18)
steinitz and shaked and similar are worthless "talkers" (shaked is busy with trying to render High court "teethless" and undermines our democraciy,steinitz
proved himself more as a "leaker" and a spineless "pudel".)
Both are completely unqualilified to utter stupid sentences in security matters.
They simply play in the hands of islamic extremists.
Benett tries to drag israel too into a bloody war . His experience as IDF
officer is limited and showed what he is made off already in the last conflict
with Hamas. And the opposition is in a deep sleep.
Where are the real "leaders" of israel?

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