Israel aims to get Russia to agree to clearing Syrian border of Iranians
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.05.18, 15:40
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1. Do not be a fool
Rami ,   Helsinnk   (05.30.18)
They can only get the Afghans out. I think that even some Afghans might be fluent in Arabic. They will simply call any shia fanatic fluent i Arabic operating there as a Syrian. This shows how fake those artificial states and wannabe state Palestine truly are. They are all Arabic or Iranics there. There is no Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian or Lebanese language or ethnicity.
2. Iranians+other Shia forces will just wear Syrian Uniforms.
Alan ,   SA   (05.30.18)
3. iranians and hezbollahis as syrian citizens
hundreds of thousands and they will get free houses and land. Are they syrians?
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