Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Israel's negotiations with Russia on Syria not yet concluded
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 01.06.18, 12:00
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1. Manyana .means tomorrow ,but pajama means tonight
Alan ,   SA   (06.01.18)
2. Treaty of Zaragoza or Sykes-Picot Agreement
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (06.01.18)
A little of one and a lot of the other, without regard to any indigenous people own choices. Is Israel playing Spain or Portugal, or Sykes or Picot?
3. Old Abdul
Rami ,   Helsinki   (06.01.18)
King wants Assad to kill all future refugees so what another Black September will not be repeated.
4. good analysis of a very complex situation
Rafi ,   US   (06.02.18)
if the present situation involving Syrian rebel presence near Israel & Jordan provides relative stability to all concerned... it should be left in place.

Russia & Assad should take a walk, go solve their myriad of OTHER problems elsewhere in Syria. Assad obviously can't digest what he already has.

And Putin already has air & naval bases in Alawi territory near Latakia;

So stay the F out of southern Syria.
5. The irgc will accede to Israel’s demand
Tehraniporou   (06.03.18)
Soleimani has been reprimanded by khamenei. The Iranians will remain near Iraq but they will dig underground bases. The revolutionary guard has found a way where it could use Syria as a front missile base against the Israelis but also the us and the Arab states. Israel scored but iran will need to project power after the American withdrawal from the Jcpoa. They will move slowly. The entire regime has been united on this
6. shaked in stockings will ease tensions and the heat
tehraniporou   (06.03.18)
I love when I hear her making demands in a ministerial fashion
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