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Hollywood salutes Israel on its 70th anniversary
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.06.18, 10:37
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1. Do not rely on Hollywood's support in long term.Very ficle
Alan ,   SA   (06.12.18)
Those people are great actors. I would not trust them at all.
With friends like Harvey Weinstein ,and Robert " F you Trump" de Niro, thanks ..but no thanks.
3. mr
terry jacob ,   manchester   (06.12.18)
What happened to the Portman woman did the BDS tell her not to attend?
4. Settlers salute settlers
Broccoli ,   Ariel   (06.12.18)
5. In regard to the actual number of Jews in Hollywood this was
a rather meager showing....just as one may have expected.
6. No Worries Hollywood
Tova   (06.16.18)
Israel will survive without you. And for the Jews of Hollywood who doesn't care about Israel. No worries. Israel will still be here when you are gone.

By the way. When your life is in danger. And Jews are not longer accepted in Hollywood. No worries. Israel will be there to dry your tears.

For those in Hollywood Jews/Christians/Gentiles alike - You will be remembered. Am Israel Chai.
7. Disgusting
Krzysztof HoĊ‚ubicki   (06.17.18)
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