Some ministers at odds with IDF on how best to tackle kites terrorism
Yoav Zitun, Itamar Eichner
Published: 18.06.18, 10:29
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1. "At odds"?! This is toe-cringing!
2. Fear of media, escalation
Chana Abraham ,   Ramat Gan   (06.18.18)
Israel should not deal with the opinion of the world, media, its anyway negative even if Israel is giving medical care, electricity, whatever. Maybe to put more photos of burned forests, fields on international media, no state would accept this situation on its own territory. Being afraid only gives advantage to the enemies, world does care only about dead if they are so called palestinians killed by Israel. Also fear of escalation gives strenght to the enemy. In the early time of Israel no one feared escalation and so enemies feared Israel.

3. Are we waiting for a fatality from the fires ? Not enough
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.18.18)
that the fires burned down food supply growing in the fields ? Not enough that IDF and fire services working their ass off trying to put out fires for 2.5 months?
Get a hint, Bibi - Hamas is laughing at us.
4. how best to tackle kites terrorism
David ,   Bamberg Germany   (06.18.18)
Target the PA leadership and their sensitive spots. Cut off all support, especially their money which should be used to compensate for the damage that they cause. Make it an open court case with a penalty! That will get attention. The 'Chiefs' don't care as long as the 'Indians' are effected and instead of violence, giving them what they want, start a new game where they have to take responsibility for their actions. New Approach?
5. Water cannon
keren tzafon ,   Tzafon israel   (06.18.18)
6. for every kite or balloon
david ,   hadera   (06.18.18)
a Hamas installation must be destroyed. Period. Until Hamas has nothing left
7. Pals get confident +escalate when there is little response
Sam ,   Montrel   (06.18.18)
IDF leaders look like they are retiring soon and don't want to get involved.
8. Please pray for the farmers and ranchers of Be'er Sheva and
Rivkah   (06.18.18)
others affected by the fires. Pray for haShem to blow the kites back to Gaza or out to sea.
9. who is in charge????
C   (06.18.18)
if the idf is afraid, then its leaders must be replaced.
the idf refuses to fight and to protect the jewish state
and her civilian population.
if this is true, rather than disinformation, then israel is kaput.
10. Pacifism rises once again
Ardeth Bey ,   Detroit   (06.18.18)
And so let the fires continually be set while the vile pacifist wants to do nothing, lest it escalates. Burning how many thousands of farmland in Israel is not these Gazan animals not escalating of course. No matter where one goes or what time era, these putrid pacifist will always be there wanting to do zero.
11. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (06.18.18)
big forest fires start with little fires. must be stopped with vigour before it gets out of control.
now is the time for all good Ministers to come to the aid of the Country.
12. The only job of the military is to protect borders/citizens
13. Time to replace these cowards with real military leaders
14. Use water to put out the fire before it goes into the air
Myra Estelle Gordon ,   New York   (06.18.18)
Why don't you use water? It's used to disperse demonstrations. Why not use it to put out the fire before it goes into the air? It wouldn't hurt the Palestinians—just get them wet!
15. Another option: Turn kites/balloons back to Gaza
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.18.18)
Drones launched against the incendiaries shouldn't be limited to "killing" them, as that results in minimal cost to the sender and it could well fall onto Israeli territory. Better to "capture" it, catching the string maybe with a chunk of barbed wire, then pulling it back to the protesters' camp, where it will be crashed.
16. eisencott-you don't want an extention of term of duty
manny   (06.18.18)
eisencott wants to leave at the end of term. take it. israe needs a different kind of general. not one who fears hamas.

there is no advantage in waiting forever to deal with hamas or other adersaries. you have signalled you want no part of war. fine. then quit and leave.

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