El Al again moves women after Haredim refuse to sit next to them
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 23.06.18, 20:51
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1. El Al: i't's ILLEGAL! I hope the women SUE the pants off ya!
2. a no-brainer: instantly remove the 4 Herediim
Rafi ,   US   (06.23.18)
or is El Al too worried about the $ implications?

The Herediim knew the drill before they boarded... El Al clearly does not subscribe to segregated seating. So were they were determined to create a commotion?
3. Where is morale?
When I sit next to a female stranger, I just mind my business, because I can sit next to a woman without having second thoughts. If their morale is so weak that they cannot sit next to a woman without having second thoughts, then let them stay on the ground. After all, there were no airplanes in medieval ages.
4. This is digraceful and a Hillul Hashem
Israeli Grandma ,   Jerusalem   (06.23.18)
The problem of passengers demanding that other passengers on El Al planes move to conform with their personal (and in this case dysfunctional ) prejudices should have been solved long ago. The Law in Israel forbids passengers on public transport to be compelled by other passengers to change their seating.
On all air travel bookings, a seat number is allocated, and its a simple matter to arrange seating preferences on check-in. The situation described in this report shows a gross mishandling by El Al of a well-known problem.
5. I like the Haredis, they are honest & honorable,unlike Zioni
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.23.18)
6. Allow them to book Haredi seats if a minimum number fly
Eden   (06.23.18)
Then if they have not booked the entire row on line to issue their boarding passes. They cannot complain or delay.

7. Kick Haredim off plane - problem solved.
8. El Al
Wallgreens ,   New York   (06.23.18)
Set aside a section of the plane, preferably in the back, and with a gate, for the Haredim, since they don't trust their sexual impulses. They might feel an urge to molest women sitting next to them.
9. This must be sorted out at chek-in counter
All booking have Miss, Ms, Mr or Mrs A. When you see a passenger wearing black, has a dirty white collar and stinks simply put him among his peers at the back of the plane.
10. haredim are the reason why i do not fly el al
it is time to stop their privileges. if they do not want neighbors, they should buy the sit next to them. they should also not be allowed to dictate what other passengers may or may not eat.
11. No they are not.
James ,   Apple   (06.23.18)
They should have been thrown off the plane.
12. Stupidity
Joseph Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (06.23.18)
Next time El Al should kick those bastards off the plane, and leave the women alone. Another option would be to let them stand until exhaustion takes over. These people are no different than the self centered Imans in Iran.
13. Elal should seat Orthodox Jews away from ladies at check-in.
Come on   (06.23.18)
Is that so hard to do?
14. El Al seating accommodation
Ken ,   monsey   (06.24.18)
The very next article on YNET said the following: "Liberal Jews have been experiencing a community and identity erosion for a long time now, and their difficulties with tribal and religious Israel are only aggravating their internal American problems. On the other hand, Orthodox religious Jews—and even Haredi Jews—are strengthening their affiliation with Israel and moving away from liberal Judaism."
The hateful comments are expressed by people who will soon be extinct. Enjoy your last few years as a Jew - your grandchildren won't be!
15. actually, concept of flying in jet should also be too modern
Rafi ,   US   (06.24.18)
for the medieval minds of the Heredi to comprehend or appreciate...

To be consistent, they should therefore be crossing the Atlantic by boat only - which is the technical equivalent of where the rest of their medieval concepts about women & other aspects of modern society are situated...
16. oh my! whateverah shall I do this summer when I fly ElAL?
Israeli Woman ,   Israel   (06.24.18)
It's a real keta (issue)...if I don't give up my seat I am loyal to my views and will probably get arrested for not giving up my seat to a higher haredi being!
If I give up my seat I will never be able to live with myself....
what to do, what to do?!
17. mr.
danielaroumm ,   sacramento   (06.24.18)
religion is the bane of humanity!
18. Shame on you ElAl
19. Boycott El Al
TC   (06.24.18)
This is obviously the only solution that will work.
20. Remove the disruptive passengers immediately
Nina Mansur ,   Jerusalem   (06.24.18)
Who wants to fly on an airline that seriously delays a flight due to disruptive passengers? Any person who does not agree to sit next to a person of the opposite sex should buy the adjoining seats. The fault is El Al's for tolerating and this encouraging this unacceptable and selfish behavior.
21. Welcome to USA & 14th Amendment US Constitution.
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN   (06.24.18)
That lady needs to sue the hell out of El Al. Love Israel but G-d Bless the USA and our Constitution. Equality in the eyes of the law here. Keep your stone-age insanity out of our country, po-leeze!
22. Unacceptable
ABI ,   miami   (06.24.18)
i am chareidi and am disgusted that ELAL did not kick the 4 trouble makers off the flight they should never have moved the lady !!!
23. Mr
Geoff Menzer ,   Tel Aviv   (06.24.18)
These Haredi men know the rules.No segregation
El Al is not n a good financial situation right now,and we know of more than
One air line flying from UK to Tel Aviv who ended their services because of Haredi “difficulties”
Either supply a few rows at back of aircraft,,get them to sign disclaimer to sit wherever placed,,or refuse them completely
We do not wish to associate ourselves with “sense of entitlement” issues of our fellow religious passengers!
24. Ms
Helen ,   Toronto   (06.24.18)
I love el al’s responses: always screwing up; always stating how hard They try not to. I will never fly el al again after then upteenth screwup I experienced.
25. recently...
Mrs ,   Or Akiva   (06.24.18)
...I flew on El Al to Frankfurt without my husband. I was seated in the last row, you know the one where you cannot fold the seat back and the visitors to the bathroom behind you hit the back of your seat almost constantly. I couldn't change the seat choice, not online and not at check-in, which puzzled me because that has always been possible on other airlines.
My neighbour was a young woman, travelling alone. It took me a moment to realize why they put us two women in the back row.... it made me sad - because I felt like I was on a bus in Jerusalem and being sent to the back.
That was the last time I flew El Al!
26. MR
BRIAN BERT ,   CEASAREA   (06.24.18)
El Al has become a discriminatory HAREDI first airline! I will never fly with again! Disgusting!
27. I am really sorry to say
Yakov ,   Afula   (06.24.18)
that I have developed a very strong dislike of these people over the years. They disgust me to such an extent that I avoid them at all costs. If one of them approaches me, no matter what the circumstances, I turn my back on him, I will not interact with them and as far as I am concerned they are not Jews and have no reason to live amongst us. They take and give nothing in return, they have no sense of responsibility, neither to themselves nor to the wider society and to the country that nurtures them. Undesirable losers.
My understanding of Judaism is what I and my family have been doing for six generations, plowing and sowing the land, reaping its harvests, serving the state both in peace and in war. Having one's nose stuck in a book all day long, telling others what to do and relying on one's wife to look after the children and in many cases to provide family livelihood, is a despicable way to conduct one's life.
28. Sue El-al
Sharona ,   Ashdod   (06.24.18)
Once the passengers will start suing El-AL, they will change their policy. They should have thrown these stone age people out of the plane.
29. ELAL could make money from this
zionist forever   (06.24.18)
If ELAL were to have specific rows allocated for man only and women only then ELAL could charge extra for a seat in a single sex row. You can either sit where you want for the standard price or you can pay an extra $100 and sit in a guaranteed single sex row just the way they charge extra to have bulkhead seats. More money for ELAL, keeps haredi happy, causes less problems once on the plane so everybody is a winner.
Jon   (06.24.18)
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