Israel approves solar field to increase power supply to Gaza
Alex Fishman
Published: 27.06.18, 13:21
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1. waste! don't exepect thanks.
the pals will burn the panels with theor kites.
2. Hamas same as ISIS global Islamic domination - u cowards
3. Helping the enemy is called being a traitor welcome t Israel
4. Helping the enemy while the enemy torches Israel
C   (06.27.18)
it is indisputable that the enemies of the jewish state will continue their
terror attacks against sovereign israel.
they will continue to fire missiles and they will continue to fire incendiary
devices into israel all with the aim to cause mayhem and terror.

no amount of economic and humanitarian aid will help turn the
islamic terrorists and their people into civilised humans.
the only solution is total defeat of the enemy.
total defeat must start with the shia terror regime which right
now sits on the borders of israel.
5. Who's paying for this?
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (06.27.18)
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