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Guards commander: US-Israel-Saudi ‘satanic triangle’ trying to weaken Iran
Published: 27.06.18, 14:09
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1. General Yahya think Jews manipulate Iran currency ?
Moshe Israel ,   Tivon, Israel   (06.27.18)
Its true that Israel has many Jews and some Arabs

Does General Yahoo Rahim-Safavi believe that Jews in Israel know how to manipulate world markets, economies to pressure the RIAL ( Iran currency ) ?

Maybe Ya-hoo has such a!
2. Iran is weakened by its efforts and commitment war
naro   (06.27.18)
Iran is weakened by its efforts and commitment to conquer the Middle East and create an "Islamic" Shiia Caliphate. This idea came from he psychotic mind of Khamenei. Had Iran stayed within its own border and be peaceful its wealth could be unlimited.
3. The beginning of the end of Shia terror regime has begone
C   (06.27.18)
the end of the taquiyyah regime of iran and its psychopathic leaders has
they sound very scared, and they should be.
trump is not the marxist pro-islamic obama.
4. Tehraniporyahoo can single handed cure all Iran Satanic ills
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.27.18)
Just show off sexy hairy legs to Khameini and instantly the currency will increase in value to one rial to 10 dollars
5. At this point they are simply running scared
Cameron   (06.27.18)
The populace of Persia grows more unhappy & restive with each passing week.

The fanatical clerics have been utterly outmaneuvered.

Trump will work it until Persia itself howls for mercy.
6. The satanic that weakens humanity
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (06.28.18)
is that which is in our mirror. Thanks be there's a mirror which reflects us more clearly which is scripture.
7. It’s obvious that the gov is stealing the people’s
Tehraniporou   (06.28.18)
Wealth. Na gaze na lobnan janam fadaye iran. No to Lebanon no to Gaza our lives are worth for iran.(and sexy shaked making demands!) the people are angry in an unprecedented fashion from what I hear from Tehran. People are expecting something either the collapse of the regime or a military rule. They are angry and afraid.
8. The revolution is ON!
BBB   (06.29.18)
The Iranian people are finished with the totally corrupted Mullah's.
If they don't leave power easily the Iranian people will cut them in small pieces and feed them to the fish.
9. "General" (Girl Scout leader) Yaya is 1/3 right.
Brad ,   USA   (06.29.18)
Not bad for a Muslim, huh? The US and Israel aren't satanic, but Saudi-Arabia is because it's a Muslim country. By the way, Iran is satanic because it's Muslim also. So anything that causes trouble for Iran or Saudi-Arabia is a great thing.
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