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Soros may have used NGO to further business interests
Inbar Tvizer
Published: 10.07.18, 23:03
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1. Black Cube as "honorable" as any given lawyer? LOL!
2. @Jim Renton
zzz   (07.11.18)
during WW2 the above mentioned person was a child. anything else smart to say?
black cube = ruthless mercenaries trashing down through blackmail, espionage and underground operations any democratic system(documented cases in the US, HU and RO to Name a few) for the right price
3. Soros should've been dealt with by a Black Ops unit, not
Black Cube!
The man is a walking& breathing menace to humanity, Israel in particular.
4. Why the misleading "may have" in your headline?
ZviL   (07.11.18)
Your articles then says they ADMIT it?

Officials close to Hungarian-American billionaire admit that his international Open Society Foundations was used to promote his business interests in Ukraine and elsewhere
5. Soros is a malign influence peddler
C   (07.11.18)
soros uses his immense wealth to influence the politics of nation states.

he is by definition an autocrat who ignores all norms of a democratic society
where the population decides its own fate.

soros has set up huge numbers of groups in the united states itself, advocating for open borders, for illegal immigrants, for sanctuary
cities, for voting rights for ex-inmates and for those who are non-citizens.
soros advocates for arabs against the jewish state, for all extreme
progressive causes world wide, such as momentum in the uk and
often, members of these groups do not know who supports them or why.
soros meddles in the internal affairs of nation states believing that he
has the right to do so.
meddling by soros has resulted in the rise of far right groups in
many european countries.
6. Not impressed. Trump did same to promote his election!
David Turner   (07.12.18)
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