Zionist Union MK touched female MK's behind, and apologized
Moran Azulay
Published: 18.07.18, 13:58
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1. how can he even for a second not think it's a problem?!
doda   (07.18.18)
Broshi brushed the tushi
3. "Agreed to put incident BEHIND them "
Eitan Broshi was just searching for the lost gold of El Dorado.
4. So nice it's now behind them:-) but the PC-hysteria is at
it's apex (or haven't we yet reached it?)
5. These broads can get overly sensitive about these things !!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.18.18)
Unlike my favorite female ***PORN***stars !!!!!!!!!
6. In New Zealand,the Maori tribe rub noses.In IL they rub ....
Alan ,   SA   (07.18.18)
7. If it was Brad Pitt. She would be saying thank u
Eden   (07.18.18)
8. Raanana
Col   (07.18.18)
Who cares? - the recipient of the friendly pat didn't? So why is it even reported?
9. So that’s the end of it Left Wing YNET ?!!
YnetForgivestheLeft ,   Jerusalem   (07.19.18)
A slap on the wrist from YNET “he apologized “
You #%*# Hypocrites If it was someone
From the right the story would never end
with a headline “ he apologized” would never be printed he would be hounddd till he died
10. Amazing how Male Genitals are treated as jokes & abused
ThePCHypocrites ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.19.18)
Men all the time have their butts pinched by women and that's ok ...hmmm
In popular culture men in films and sit cons have their butts pinched and their
genitals kicked or threatened to be kicked & castrated as some sort of joke or punishment by female actresses ....hello what's going on here ?!!
Women's genitals are sacrosanct men's genitals are fair game for
anything ....Popular Western " Culture" cheapens and abuses men's sexuality What hypocrites the Feminists and Male supporters of Feminism
are . Not to worry this will QUICKLY be buried by the Left Wing hypocritical Media as they go on a Witch Hunt for a Right Wing "abuser"
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