Kushner: ‘no good option’ until ‘nightmare’ Hamas renounces violence
Published: 20.07.18, 15:01
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1. Finally, someone 'get's it !
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.20.18)
And elections there were phony - or people scared to vote different.
Robert ,   Israel   (07.20.18)
Hamas has been, since the beginning, a bone stuck in Palestinians' throats. Retrogrades from the start, these poisonous followers the only thing they got is to press their boots on Palestinians heads, using terror and whatever other means they could find in order to stay in power. Palestinians deserve much, much better rulers than the ones they have. Let's hope they will wake up some day soon. Force to become free people comes from within the Palestinians; not from the outside.
3. Pals want nice life while they try to destroy Israel.
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.20.18)
They don't want peace with the Jewish state. They want to replace it with a Muslim state. But they don't want poverty. They want Israel and the West to feed them and provide them a middle class life. The expectation is as crazy as them wanting Israel to just hand over the country.The West Bank Palestinians want the same thing. A little Palestinian terrorism and the Jews should run away.
4. It's "occupation" if Gazans+WestBank not allowed into Israel
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.20.18)
The West and Israel never had it right. They believed a negotiated 2 state solution was the answer. For Palestinians peace meant Gazans, West Bankers and the Palestinian diaspora being able to move and live freely anywhere in Gaza,the West Bank and Israel under Muslim rule. Kushner and the others woke up to a reality that the would be peacemakers didn't want to think about, Even yesterday Mogherini was still pushing the 2 state solution.
5. When will clueless Israeli politicians arrive at this idea?
6. They plagerized an Israeli 3rd graders paper
DOV ,   USA   (07.20.18)
7. It’s self defense when your neighbors are bent on killing J
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.20.18)
When co-existence and rational behavior are aborted in favor of religious fundamentalism the path forward isn’t bright
Time to embrace the Jewish Nation
8. Kushner is a mafia thoug
Jon   (07.20.18)
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