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Johnson slams Corbyn over Labour's diluted anti-Semitism definition
Published: 31.07.18, 17:59
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1. Labour & anti Semitism
tiki ,   belgium   (07.31.18)
It keeps them in the news for it's the only thing they have.

Political miracle pills haven't been invented yet and otherwise the Conservatives will slurp up every minute of news with Brexit.

So, don't fall for it. Register but don't react!
2. Fuhrer Corbyn ain't dog-whistling: he's openly shouting out!
3. Real problem Britsh Labor voters support him
“Liberal”UKvoters ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.18)
Frightening to think millions of British voters mostly young and educated continue to support this Anti Semitic part
That’s the real horror he is really a mirror image of them
They present themselves as the “ Liberal humanistic face” of Britain
What racist hypocrites
4. Anti-Semites are the people Jews hate for rejecting J Nazism
Ephraim Hendel ,   London   (07.31.18)
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