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UK Jewish leader urges apology over Labour anti-Semitism
Associated Press
Published: 02.08.18, 19:55
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1. Corbyn=Piece of Shiite!
Koose E Mack ,   NY Great Satan   (08.02.18)
2. That Corbin stands chance to become PM shows up Britain
Alan ,   SA   (08.03.18)
He is an unapologetic Jew and Israel hater. He and his Party are angling for ethnic and Muslim vote.To gain their support -he must be Anti Jew.. As the Labour Slogan goes something like ... Labour is not for the few or the Jew
3. Poor, dumb& misguided British Jews: their "home" is on fire!
By "home" I mean the red Labour party.
4. A Jew hater will never apologise for his Jew hatred
C   (08.03.18)
it is a huge mistake to consider corbyn's jew hatred political in nature.
5. # 4 C excuse me but,
BBB   (08.03.18)
Its a huge mistake NOT to consider Corbyn's Jew hatred anything BUT political.
Fools like Corbyn only rant their anti semitism if they believe they have an audience of acceptance.
If the brits had any brains they'd tar and feather this old a**hole.
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