Nurses strike in protest of increasing violence
Rotem Elizera
Published: 06.08.18, 11:34
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1. Govern, Bibi govern!
Vered, Israel   (08.06.18)
Let's elect a government that wants to govern for the wide swath of Middle Israel not one that can only get moving for special interests and money
2. Two opportunities for security to stop the guy..
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.06.18)
"Did not obey the guard's order to stop."

The next security guard "ran the other way."

If the guards did their jobs properly, this migrant would be in prison or dead. But they both failed to do their jobs. Who trained them? Why didn't they perform their duty? Why didn't YNET do some digging and find out?

A hospital must be a place of safety, which means the security guards must have the weapons and authority to use them at will. What were the guards armed with? Pepper spray? Was harsh language going to stop this guy? If the guards weren't armed, why not? And if not, why didn't they throw chairs at the creep to slow him down?

The medical staff is right to strike. Enough.
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