IDF to question officers about killings in violent Gaza protest
Yoav Zitun
Published: 22.08.18, 11:12
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1. Pathetic
Asaf Hoffman ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.22.18)
Those soldiers are all heroes! Maybe next time the soldiers should not shoot and let the Arabs tear the damn fance down and stream across the border!? Open up a wide path for them to go to the Kirya, where the real cowards serve in their comfortable air conditioned offices in a building reminiscent of Dr Evil’s lair in Austin Powers!!! You want to know why therow motivation to serve? This is your answer!!!!! Pathetic. And put Eisencot on a fat farm. What a poor role model for idf soldiers to aspire to both physically and otherwise
2. the whole thing is deceptive, hypocritical & disingenuous
Jack Amir ,   Tel Aviv   (08.22.18)
3. Only question coming to mind is: why the heck so few dead?!
4. stupid IDF
oleg ,   Florida   (08.22.18)
does Hamas investigate when they kill Israelis.. next time soldiers won't shoot.
5. Israeli leaders betrayed the people long ago Joseph's tomb?
6. Ynet suggests breaching border not shootable offence?
7. This is what happens....
DSM ,   USA   (08.22.18)
when the military is overseen by lawyers and frightened politicians. Why should soldiers put their lives in harms way when they are going to be investigated for protecting their country and themselves. Israel needs leaders that understand what is really happening to the country and are not afraid of the opinions of all those who hate Jews.
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