PMO to borrow 2,600-year-old ‘Netanyahu tablet’
Yael Friedson
Published: 24.08.18, 10:23
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1. Wow
Zev Saffer   (08.24.18)
If the tablet had the name Milikovsky that would be something to write about.
2. Pathetic.
Uschi   (08.24.18)
I can't think of any other western leader except the egomaniac in the US who would do this....
3. Bible Lands Museum is naive...
abc basic ,   Israel   (08.24.18)
They will neither get paid for leasing it to the PMO, nor will they ever get it back!

It will be considered a gift by the entitled Netanyahu's and it will disappear into a subterranean anti-nuclear triple bubble wrapped room!

But really, don't take my word for it...ask around, you'll see!
4. Dafka an I.O.U. with PM Netanyahu's name on it! LOL!
Katanga ,   Israel   (08.24.18)
and Oh L-rdy, L-rd! He wants to borrow it?!
Sometimes reality is so much better than fiction!
5. I'm David Ben Shlomo so title to the Temple Mount is mine!
David Ben Shlomo ,   Israel   (08.24.18)
Well yes, if I use Netanyahu's logic then really, it's true, the Temple Mount is mine and all the rest of you are just interlopers and pretenders! teehee!
If Netanyahu's behavior wasn't so pathetic it might even be humourous!
6. Milikovsky does not = "a gift of G-d make!"
after all Milikovsky is just another Polish name!
7. Can't wait for the pals to forge a clay tablet of Arafat
BBB   (08.24.18)
before he died of AIDS.
8. Excellent!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (08.24.18)
A grand old name being carried forward by Israel most elected PM.
It doesn't get much better than this.....
9. # 2 What's so pathetic?
BBB   (08.24.18)
A bona fide 2,600 tablet bearing the name Netanyahu and your upset?
Would you rather it be inscribed Moses or Jesus?
10. TBers 8 9 & 10 y'all r a sorry lot of trolls!
The man's original family name is Milokowsky! There is no relationship between the tablet and the PM...well other than the relationship he's imagined in his head!
11. Cohen, Levy etc were not enough proof?
Avi L.   (08.24.18)
Beyond the fact that his respected father changed his name, it's a bit as if Adamovitch was the proof of descendance from Adam

BTW we should all have a BenCain as second name
12. To all bibi's haters...well you are irrelevant. Enjoy!
deavman ,   TA   (08.25.18)
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