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Iran: axis of resistance ready against any attack on Syria
Daniel Salami
Published: 27.08.18, 21:16
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1. Paper Tiger Iran was not ready when it's 50 bases destroyed
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.27.18)
in Syria.

No one believes that they're ready now
2. The chemical weapons were manufactured by Assad. Syria used
Eden   (08.27.18)
Them against its own babies and civilians.

Why do they believe if the lie is repeated. People will give in and believe.

Chemical bombing was beneath the integrity of any animal.
3. idf command has been dumb about missile corp
max   (08.27.18)
since 2006 Israel has seen dug in hezbollah magnify its strength through a mass rocket program. each idf retaliation does not match the terror and damage of hundreds of missiles launched by ayatollahs per day. it also exposes pilots to risk.

it was obvious to me years ago that idf should stockpile 50000 missiles to begin to offset hezbollah advantage. not only would it destroy many targets remotely, but it will terrorize the civilian population. that is crucial.

Lieberman has pushed the missile corp program through finally. it was long overdue.

of course bibi is nowhere to be found on the issue and doesn't have one damn clue about it. how he stayed in the idf is beyond me.I would have moved him out of the idf. he could have been a press spokesman like olmert.

so Lieberman did the right thing by not depending entirely on the air force.

bibi's stuttering has harmed israeli deterrencee.
4. History.
Brad ,   USA   (08.28.18)
Ancient Iran (Persia) was also "ready" when they rode out against the smaller Greek army under Alexander the Great. It didn't end well for them though, did it?
5. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.28.18)
Iran uniforms look great but can the military perform other than shooting unarmed civilians and destroying property?
6. Quds force? Lol! Qlown force is more like it.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (08.28.18)
The USAF/IAF could reduce the Iranian presence in Syria to a vaporized husk inside of 96 hours. The Iranians and their proxies have been been allowed, inadvertently, by Western ennui and indecision, to believe that they actually can fight. And to be fair, American and Israeli inadequacies, notably in South Lebanon 1983 - 2000, and Afghanistan, 2002 - present, have allowed that sentiment to take root. That all needs to end, now. I have faith that Mr. Trump will, at some point in his first term, unleash the US military, and in doing so, bring the mullahs to their knees. It wouldn't take much, just some willpower. But does the West have it? Hezbollah sure does.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (08.30.18)
I’m sure he is sitting in his palace, and just watching the weapon orders pouring in form Iran and Syria. Let’s nto forget that he just had shoeshine from the fake Turkish Sulatn just a few days ago.
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